Manga About Dragons


Dragons are fantastical creatures that are both terrifying and beautiful. These magnificent beasts can soar through the air, breathe fire from their nostrils, and shoot beams out of their eyes – truly marvelous creatures indeed!

If you love dragons and want to read manga about them, here are a few recommendations:

Reincarnated as a Dragon Hatchling

Reincarnated as a Dragon Hatchling (Let’s Aim to Be the Strongest) is a fantasy isekai adventure about a man reborn as an egg in a world full of dangerous monsters, where he finds himself trapped at the bottom of food chains as an immobile, powerless egg unable to move or defend against threats! To even hatch, our protagonist must fight off monsters who would love nothing better than to devour him!

At birth, he has an infant yellow body with small round eyes and two pairs of wings on its back. Additionally, it possesses short fangs and talons as well. When compared with others of his kind, he’s neither intelligent nor courageous; nevertheless, he always does his best to assist others and show courage during battles.

This manga is based on Nekoko’s web novel series hosted on Shosetsuka ni Naro, which first started publication in 2015 and currently boasts 698 chapters as of this writing. Seven Seas licensed the series for translation into both Light Novel and Manga adaptations illustrated by RIO and NAJI Yanagida, respectively – The Light Novel series premiered in July 2021, while Manga began publication in September of that same year.

Ruri Dragon

Ruri Aoki lives an ordinary life until one morning, she awakes to find that two horns have appeared on her head! Shocked but unperturbed by this strange development, Ruri shows them to her mother, who shrugs them off before unveiling the truth: Ruri is half-dragon!

Ruri initially struggles to accept her newfound status and adapts slowly over time. The initial chapters offer both dry humor and straightforward narration as Ruri experiments with her powers of breathing fire for the first time (which causes an unfortunate incident wherein she accidentally sneezes so hard she almost passes out).

Masaoki Shindo’s Ruri Dragon marks his debut serialized series, and it promises to be an exciting ride! Ruri is an endearing character who adds supernatural elements to the classic high school girl archetype recently seen in popular series like A Centaur’s Life and Monster Musume.

The art in Ruri and Her Mother is solid but occasionally reminds one of the One Punch manga styles. While this may not necessarily be seen as unfavorable, it does leave one wondering whether the story might lean more toward a comedy series than a severe work of fiction. That being said, it doesn’t create significant issues and still manages to progress quickly through Ruri’s deadpan responses and her mother’s blunt observations.

Though Ruri’s constant need to take group selfies can sometimes cause issues with pacing, the manga’s overall atmosphere is enjoyable and light-hearted. Characters are well-drawn and relatable, while dialogue often proves amusing; I look forward to seeing how the story addresses Ruri being half-dragon as she gets older – particularly how Ruri’s father will react when learning of his daughter’s true heritage.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Office programmer Kobayashi finds her daily life being taken over by an ambitious dragon that wants nothing but her heart. On an alcohol-induced excursion into the mountains, Kobayashi encounters Tooru, the mythical creature, and rescues it from being killed by a holy sword. Thankful, Tooru offers to stay with Kobayashi as her maidservant – although initially reluctant, guilt compels Kobayashi to accept.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is an entertaining and heartfelt series that deftly blends comedy and slice of life while developing powerful character relationships. Though Toru is often misunderstood and mistreated, her open-mindedness enables genuine relationships to form among the characters in the manga. Plus, her curiosity about human interactions leads to many comedic miscommunications!

Tooru is a female dragon capable of shifting between human and dragon forms, possessing feather-like horns, a thin tail that ends in a bulb, and wings to enable flight. When in her dragon form, she can create a force field around herself to protect both creatures and heal wounds while also being recharged with magical energy and electricity, restoring her magical energy reserves. When in human form, she is a 25-year-old female with a flat chest and long, straight hair.

Tooru serves Kobayashi not only as her maid but as an active member of the neighborhood watch and acts as a caring sister figure to Kanna and Riko. Additionally, Tooru helps her dragon friends adjust to human society while being close friends with Lucoa, the mage. When not patrolling streets or helping Lucoa, she dedicates herself fully to being Miss Kobayashi’s dragon maid – whether fighting off dragon-themed thugs or cleaning the house, she does whatever needs to be done!

The Dragon Prince

At a crossroads in their world, three young heroes from opposite sides of a conflict embark on a dangerous mission that could decide their futures. Inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender creator Brian K Vaughan’s hit Netflix show Avatar: The Last Airbender, this series draws readers aged 6+ deeper into a fantasy world of adventure and danger before moving on to Harry Potter books.

Moonshadow elf assassin Rayla has made it her mission to assassinate human King Harrow and Ezran, but just prior to doing so, she witnesses them making an astonishing discovery: that the dragon egg thought lost is still intact, waiting to be returned to its mother in Xadia – where peace could then be restored.

Princess Sylvia has had it tough. Left alone by her husband, sold into slavery, and forced to submit to an oppressive master, she never felt safe or free until the day she encountered an injured stranger in the woods. Despite initial hostility from both parties involved, Sylvia decides to help out as best she can–only later to fall for this strange yet handsome prince who saves her from certain doom.

Seven centuries ago, Aaravos ignited further conflict between human kingdoms and elves, prompting human King Harrow of Katolis to kill Archdragon Avizandum before Lord Viren broke his mirror and assumed control of Xadia. Meanwhile, infant Sky Dragon Azymondias managed to flee, and Callum and his sister Ezran must follow in Zym’s tracks back home; along their journey, Callum faces challenges with his magic while Claudia confronts soldiers, and their trip down a river takes an unpredictable turn – but everything must stay calm unless catastrophe strikes!