Giant Cypress Bike


Giant Cypress bicycles stand out in their price range by featuring more comfortable features that make riding enjoyable, such as its suspension seatpost and adjustable stem, which make finding an ergonomic riding position simple.

This bike features grippy tires to help riders safely traverse bumpy roads and paths and features a lightweight yet durable ALUXX aluminum frame equipped with microShift 1×9-speed drivetrain technology.


Cypress features a lightweight yet durable ALUXX aluminum frame for optimal ride comfort, along with confident upright positioning that offers a balanced, exemplary riding experience. A suspension seatpost and cushioned saddle absorb bumps and vibrations so you’ll glide effortlessly over any road or path; plus, its adjustable stem provides smooth, swift rides on any terrain. Fast 700c wheels with grippable tires deliver quick rides while adjustable stem height ensures rapid mobility on every journey.

This bike features hydraulic disc brakes, which are more responsive and easier to maintain than traditional rim brakes. Available in white, pink, blue, and green color choices, it is an affordable yet comfortable and reliable bike choice!

This bike is an excellent starting point for those new to cycling who wish to become acquainted with cycling. The lightweight aluminum frame makes for easy handling, while Shimano components make gear changing simple. Plus, its adjustable handlebars and saddle height make the experience tailored perfectly to you!

Giant Cypress bikes feature front suspension that helps absorb shocks and bumps during cycling, giving riders greater control of their motorcycle. You can lock out its suspension fork for even greater control over this bicycle.

Compare it with Jamis Coda Sport. Cypress is significantly lighter and has superior ride quality. However, it may not be ideal for mountain biking or rough roads. At roughly equivalent cost, you could purchase a chromoly steel-framed bike at your local shop.

Giant Bicycles has issued a recall notice with the Consumer Product Safety Commission regarding 76 Cypress and Sedona bikes manufactured between the 2005 and 2007 model years due to their rear axle being susceptible to cracking. If you own one of these bicycles, contact Giant immediately so they can provide free repairs.


The Giant Cypress Bike was designed for maximum comfort, whether taking a stroll or cycling for exercise. It features an aluminum frame with suspension seatpost and cushioned saddle that absorbs bumps and road vibrations as well as allows a straight sitting posture while riding through town or along smooth roadways – perfect for casual rides as well as commutes & light trail riding!

Giant Bicycles are among the world’s premier bicycle manufacturers and have received high marks from customers around the globe. Since opening for business over 30 years ago, this company has earned a sterling reputation for quality and value in its bikes, making them highly desired among cycling enthusiasts as well as people looking for ways to get fit outdoors or spend more time outside. Their selection includes mountain, road, and hybrid bikes; performance models are widely renowned for comfort and dependability.

Liv Flourish FS 1 is more cost-effective and features components similar to its 2020 counterpart, such as 700c wheels, an ALUXX aluminum frame, and an Altus groupset with 63mm front travel and hardtail suspension. Furthermore, disc brakes provide greater stopping power than rim brakes.

If you’re still unsure which bike to purchase, pick one that matches your height. Cycles are measured from the top tube of their frame down to the ground; other factors affecting their size may include seat tube angle, head tube length, wheelbase, chainstay length reach stack, and standover height. Make sure there’s at least a 2-inch clearance between your crotch and top tube to ensure comfort when selecting your new ride.

Giant bicycles come in various sizes to meet any height or riding style needs, with taller riders necessitating more extended frames while shorter riders may require smaller frames. If unsure which size to select, reach out to one of your local Giant retailers or use an online sizing tool for assistance.


The Cypress hybrid bike is specifically tailored to provide individuals with a comfortable yet sturdy riding experience, suitable for various terrains, including rough roads and paths. With its suspension seat post designed to absorb bumps and an ALUXX aluminum frame offering an upright, comfortable ride – this hybrid bicycle can handle rough roads and paths easily while offering great convenience when commuting, riding around town, or taking pleasure rides.

Giant’s own Gripton tire line features tough yet grippy tread that grips asphalt or other rough surfaces securely and includes an anti-puncture layer for long-distance riders who need puncture-proof tires. They make for ideal companions on Cypress bikes, which can handle harsh road conditions efficiently.

This bike utilizes Shimano components, renowned for their quality and durability. The shifter features smooth action that’s easy to use; similarly, its braking system gives a secure feel while riding thanks to alloy direct-pull brake levers that are familiar to many riders and simple to operate.

This bike is an excellent option for newcomers to cycling. With its lightweight yet durable frame and numerous adjustment features to help find your optimal riding position – from suspension seatpost and cushioned saddle to easily adjustable height handlebars – this model makes cycling fun for beginners!

The Cypress bike features an adjustable stem to help you find the ideal riding position and build confidence. Constructed from ALUXX aluminum for optimal strength-to-weight ratio, its frame has been welded using an innovative process that reduces weld material by creating custom-fitting junctures – providing more excellent durability than other bike models on the market today and a sleeker look than others. In addition, its double-wall aluminum rim boasts a strength-to-weight ratio with a glossy coating for increased impact resistance, creating more excellent durability than other models currently on offer today.


This Giant Cypress women’s bike is in top condition and ready to ride! Equipped with Shimano shifters, a comfortable seat, and 700c tires – perfect for exploring! This bicycle would make a wonderful gift.

Due to supply-chain issues, specifications may change without prior notice.

Comfort, control, and an enjoyable ride: With its lightweight yet durable ALUXX aluminum frame, upright positioning, grippy tires, and smooth-rolling tires – Cypress makes experiencing cycling easy! It features an ergonomic ALUXX aluminum frame, comfortable, good positioning, and a 21-speed drivetrain – giving it plenty of speed for taking on roads, bike paths, or even some dirt without worry – offering great value for money and an ideal platform for beginners or casual riders alike! Don’t wait! Shop now!