MPA E Learning Registration


Suppose a student believes their grade to be unfair. In that case, they are encouraged to discuss it with their instructor first and seek an amicable resolution through discussion or via the University’s grade appeals policy. If this proves fruitless, students can follow its procedures for filing grade appeals.

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The Courses

Online MPA courses allow students to schedule classes around their busy lives and communicate with instructors and classmates via e-mail, discussion forums, and virtual group conference rooms – which will enable students to balance work responsibilities, family obligations, and the program with ease.

This fully online program encompasses core courses that address public administration administrators’ core competencies as well as electives and concentrations, professional work experience opportunities, and an in-depth capstone workshop. Students in the online MPA program must take 39-semester units of graduate coursework before graduating.

A faculty advisor oversees student course selection. After reviewing current academic history and consulting the MPA Course Rotation Schedule, an advisor will devise an ideal schedule that meets curriculum requirements as well as student preferences. Furthermore, an advisor assists with selecting concentrations and planning an approach toward graduation requirements.

Each course in Columbia University’s online MPA program is taught by a seasoned faculty member from their School of International and Public Affairs, providing students with a global perspective and comparative approach to policy-making along with rigorous analytical skills. Furthermore, field experience opportunities exist in both public and private organizations. Finally, this curriculum equips students for various leadership roles across government, civil society, the private sector, non-governmental organizations, etc.

All courses are delivered entirely online using the iLearn course management system and offered in eight-week sessions throughout the fall and spring semesters. Students have the flexibility of taking up to 12 credits each semester or completing the program within 14 months if taking full-time.

The EMPA program is tailored to professionals balancing work and family obligations while pursuing an advanced degree. It combines Columbia’s unsurpassed academic rigor with real-world learning experiences and an optional internship to deliver the leadership and management training necessary for the promotion of social change. Furthermore, its interdisciplinary curriculum covers a range of public policy issues, including global economic development/sustainability/humanitarian relief/social welfare.

The Materials

Individuals are seeking more knowledge about sustainable development, international cooperation, and policy analysis. Government employees are seeking to expand their skills via practical online training courses. Students studying public administration who wish to complement their studies with real-world applications.

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The Assessments

As part of their studies, students will take various assessments. These tests are intended to gauge their progress and understanding of the material covered. Quizzes, exams, and assignments may all feature as part of these evaluations – their results being made available through an online learning portal alongside course materials, lectures, and videos that can be accessed there.

The initial assessment will be an unproctored/practice assessment that does not count toward placement. Students have 24 hours to complete this practice/unproctored assessment as though taking an official proctored exam, using pencil and paper for calculations while finishing in one sitting within 1.5 hours.

Preparing for the comprehensive exam requires keeping all books, syllabi, and papers from classes you have taken, as well as reviewing question themes used during testing. Doing this will allow you to focus your study time efficiently and prepare effectively for this assessment.

The MPA exam serves as the culmination of your program experience and will assess your knowledge across core and concentration classes. To ensure its success, make sure all core classes have been completed prior to registering for this comprehensive examination. If taking electives simultaneously with this thorough examination, contact the department to make sure registration approval has been granted. If you are not satisfied with your grade, an appeal process exists per University graduate catalog guidelines, which must be filed by the end of the spring semester.

The Tools

If you are planning to take an online course, you must be equipped with the necessary tools for success. A laptop computer equipped with a webcam and broadband Internet connectivity is ideal. In addition, the LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor webcam feature from LMU should also be installed – these can both be found on their respective websites. For any exams held online, an audio/video-capable camera and live image capture capability are also necessary.

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