Magic Moments Learning Center


Magic Moments Learning Center provides quality childcare in a warm and supportive environment, with programs and activities tailored specifically to support your child’s development. In addition, they give children an opportunity to socialize with other kids their age and form meaningful friendships.

We are a family-friendly environment.

Magic Moments Learning Center offers children a warm and nurturing environment where they can gain skills through play. Children develop these abilities through music activities, group discussions, baking, cooking, and building friendships with children their age.

MM acknowledges that each child is born a competent learner, using an adaptable approach that considers each child’s learning styles, experiences, and interests to ensure they reach their full potential in all areas of development. They recognize positive relationships’ impact on children’s growth and learning.

At Montessori Matters (MM), children experience an environment that fosters creativity and wonder. Children engage in theme centers, circle time, creative play, art projects, and direct instruction to develop critical thinking skills and enhance creative exploration using the five senses – including weather concepts such as recycling, plants, shadows, dinosaurs, and space!

We are committed to your child’s growth.

Magic Moments Learning Center provides an environment tailored to children’s different developmental stages, stimulating activities, and teaching experiences to aid learning and growth within a safe, secure environment.

Teachers possess the experience, education, and passion required to guide your child’s growth and development. They strive to meet all individual children’s unique needs while supporting them on their journey toward success.

They provide educational experiments and projects designed to keep your child’s learning experience engaging. Plus, they participate in various yearly productions, such as talent shows or graduation events, which help your child build confidence and public speaking skills.

We are committed to your child’s happiness.

Magic Moments Learning Center provides an environment dedicated to your child’s happiness – offering an enriching atmosphere from infancy through pre-K, with various educational activities designed to support success in school. Plus, Magic Moments also provides healthy meals and full-day care!

Magic Moments Learning Center offers children an interactive, hands-on learning experience, and its teachers are passionate about providing quality care. They collaborate to nurture and inspire your child while employing various teaching styles. Furthermore, extracurricular activities exist at this school to foster physical development and socialization.

At our school, the leadership team provides strong support for student needs. The president/founder and upper administration are present onsite to interact directly with staff, parents, and students, ensuring a collaborative working environment and open lines of communication between teachers and families.

Shelley Clark of Birmingham established Magic Moments to give hope and happiness to children with chronic, life-threatening conditions. Inspired by a television program depicting a young boy suffering from cancer who wanted to ride in a fire truck, she created the same opportunity for local kids diagnosed with life-threatening conditions – her idea caught on, and Magic Moments came into being.