Learning the Hard Way Manhwa


Jungsuk takes matters into his own hands after failing an exam and being dumped by his girlfriend. He enrolls at a boarding cram school, where he finds himself drawn into its world of sexually charged students with an unconventional code of conduct.

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It’s a boarding cram school.

Cram schools are common in East Asia, where education mamas (or mothers) play an essential role. University entrance exams can make or break teenagers’ careers, and university entrance exam results often determine one’s career choices. Critics have attacked these institutions for devaluing teachers’ efforts, while others support their use by helping their students attain better results via supplemented curriculums.

Jungsuk enrolls in a boarding cram school after failing a critical exam, hoping it will get him back on track. Unfortunately, he soon discovers this place is more than just a study academy; it’s also an exhilarating party with hot girls and an outrageous code of conduct!

This webtoon features drama, Ecchi, and Romance themes. Published in 2020, written by Over. J and illustrated by Choi Taeyoung. Updates occur every hour, and you can also follow other manga updates via the Manga List menu. Enjoy!

It’s a love story.

As Learning the Hard Way’s storyline concluded, fans have been looking for similar manga/manhwa titles that follow its narrative arc. There’s plenty to choose from whether you prefer adult or romantic titles; whatever your preference, you will find something suitable!

Jinhoo was cruelly bullied as a freshman and has worked to put his past behind him. Unfortunately, one of his new tutees is none other than Yejin herself! At first, she’s only interested in his body parts; over time, she realizes there may be lessons from Jinhoo she can take away.

It’s a drama.

Jinhoo manages to put his past as an outcast behind him in high school despite being relentlessly bullied by girls; yet when he becomes tutor for Yejin – one of his former bullies – she refuses to use him for study assistance as she’s far more interested in him as an attraction!

This manhwa is an exciting mix of drama, ecchi, and romance. The plot involves an attractive but naive tutor meeting a beautiful student he tutors; both fall deeply in love but must overcome differences to survive their love relationship. Tune into Toonily every hour to read Learning the Hard Way’s latest chapters!