Howe Public Schools’ Technology Coordinator


Justin Marshall strongly believes in the power of technology to transform education. To this end, he strives to ensure the district’s technological infrastructure meets all student and educator needs while remaining sustainable and resilient over time.

His primary focus is using technology to customize education, such as AI-powered learning platforms, to identify students’ weaknesses and offer tailored resources.

Technology Integration

Tech is at the core of modern businesses and education institutions alike, playing an essential role in changing how learning experiences and administrative operations occur. Howe Public Schools has led this change by successfully incorporating technology into its educational system thanks to Justin Marshall – their technology coordinator – tireless efforts and creative approach.

Marshall believes technology has the power to transform education and give students skills needed for success in today’s global society. To that end, he is dedicated to working closely with teachers and other stakeholders in order to implement a comprehensive technology plan that promotes student achievement and ensures that every child has access to devices with internet connectivity that are necessary for learning.

Marshall works to ensure the school’s technology systems are updated and functional, as well as helping instructors integrate technology into their classrooms. He offers professional development opportunities focusing on using technology to create engaging learning experiences and assessing student learning using technology. Furthermore, he is working on designing a new student information system that will enable instructors to track student progress more efficiently as well as communicate more directly with parents.

Marshall is also exploring various innovative training programs that go beyond traditional workshops. These include collaborative projects, peer mentoring programs, and self-paced online courses designed to help teachers understand the value of incorporating technology into their lessons while encouraging them to explore different tools – ultimately giving students a richer educational experience.

Marshall is not only integrating technology into his curriculum but is also actively encouraging digital citizenship and equipping students for the challenges of the modern workplace. Through programs such as coding and robotics programs, he supports students in developing problem-solving abilities necessary for future success.

Learning Management System

Marshall holds a firm belief in technology’s transformative powers for education and has championed numerous technological innovations at Howe Public Schools. From installing robust learning management systems to setting up state-of-the-art infrastructure, Marshall has had an immense effect on Howe’s educational landscape through his unwavering commitment to tech integration – helping both students and educators alike transform learning experiences into interactive and engaging ones.

Marshall introduced advanced data analytics and assessment systems for informed decision-making, providing educators with access to student performance data analysis as well as tailoring teaching strategies based on students’ needs for optimal academic results. As a result, students had improved educational outcomes.

Marshall has taken steps to ensure all students can access cutting-edge technologies regardless of their economic circumstances. To meet this objective, he has improved the district infrastructure with robust Wi-Fi networks and advanced server systems; additionally, a learning management system was installed, which allows teachers to track student progress and report back on learning activities.

Marshall has also championed digital citizenship by encouraging his students to engage in responsible and ethical use of technology. To foster digital literacy, he has implemented cyber safety protocols and provided training on safe online practices. Furthermore, he implemented an efficient content filtering and firewall system so students could safely access online resources.

Marshall School has also developed relationships with technology experts in the community to ensure students have access to cutting-edge technologies and educational resources. Through these collaborations, groundbreaking initiatives such as coding clubs and robotics programs that give students an edge in today’s highly competitive environment have been put in place.

Marshall is a pioneer of educational technology who has inspired a new generation of innovators. His approach goes beyond technical proficiency to foster curiosity, resilience, and lifelong learning; as such, he has produced future innovators who are well-prepared for what lies ahead in society.

Virtual Reality Labs

Technology has emerged as a catalyst in numerous fields, particularly education. Educational institutions use it to improve learning experiences and streamline administrative processes; one key figure who has played an integral part in this revolution is Justin Marshall of Howe Public Schools; his expertise and zeal for successfully integrating tech has played an instrumental role in driving innovation and supporting education within his district.

Marshall laid the groundwork for innovative classrooms by establishing virtual reality labs, which allow students to explore the world in an engaging virtual reality experience. These unique environments serve as ideal learning tools across a range of subjects – students can engage with them like traditional learning methods cannot, be it far-flung destinations, ancient civilizations, or microscopic worlds! Virtual reality offers students an immersive and memorable learning experience.

While Marshall recognizes that innovative classrooms provide students with valuable learning tools, he also understands that educators require additional support and training in order to incorporate technology successfully. With that goal in mind, he has organized frequent professional development initiatives geared at making teachers tech-savvy while adapting to an ever-evolving digital environment. Furthermore, he partners with EdTech companies so Howe Public Schools have access to cutting-edge resources.

Marshall understands the many benefits of the technological revolution are great; however, resistance to change among educators is sometimes an obstacle. To overcome this hurdle, he has implemented training programs designed to address concerns and alleviate anxiety, as well as reallocating resources in order to prioritize technology integration.

Marshall has set an excellent example for innovative classrooms by cultivating an environment in which students can think creatively and develop a curious, problem-solving mindset. Additionally, Marshall promotes interdisciplinary learning, which allows for multiple perspectives to be considered when exploring issues or solutions. Finally, Marshall places great importance on encouraging a growth mindset, curiosity, and resilience within his students.

Marshall has also developed an online community for teachers to collaborate and share best practices, assessing student progress more simply while increasing parental engagement. This platform has also promoted collaboration between students and their parents for increased involvement with education.

Digital Citizenship

Justin Marshall has been at the forefront of driving change at Howe Public Schools through innovative learning initiatives designed to empower both students and educators alike. His expertise and commitment to seamless technology integration have established Howe as one of the premier digital learning institutes.

Marshall worked diligently to revamp the district’s existing technology systems, installing robust Wi-Fi networks and state-of-the-art server systems that would protect data while supporting online learning platforms. Furthermore, he designed innovative training programs that went beyond traditional workshops by including collaborative projects and peer mentoring – this approach encouraged educators to experiment with various technologies and teaching methods, fostering an environment conducive to innovation within classrooms.

Marshall also understood the significance of incorporating immersive technologies into her curriculum, creating virtual reality labs to give her students an engaging learning experience. These interactive learning environments allow students to explore various settings and engage in complex simulations, deepening their understanding of critical concepts while increasing engagement and retention for excellent academic performance and a lifelong love of learning.

Howe Public Schools’ technology-driven changes have had a dramatic effect on the entire community. Marshall created communication platforms connecting teachers, students, and parents that enable sharing of resources and keeping abreast of progress in real-time – helping streamline administrative operations while providing students with direct connections to teachers. He has also introduced social media management tools so they can monitor their online activity and stay safe online.

Marshall has had a profound effect on all members of the school community, turning learning into an engaging experience for both students and teachers. Students are more engaged with their studies while simultaneously developing skills required in today’s digitally driven society. Furthermore, teachers feel more comfortable using technology in class settings, while student achievement has seen marked gains due to these innovations.