Korth Super Sport 6 Inch Review


Korth revolvers are an excellent choice for competitive shooters and self-defense situations, featuring durable construction that’s both versatile and cost-effective. While these revolvers offer numerous styles, some shooters may find their high price tag prohibitive.

Korth handguns are entirely machined from solid billets using both automated manufacturing technology and traditional craftsmanship techniques. Their trigger wheels have low friction levels for an exceptionally smooth, stack-free pull. Furthermore, these weapons feature customizable staging points to allow pre-set sight adjustments at different distances.


The Korth Super Sport 6-inch revolver is an elite product designed for competitive shooting and self-defense, featuring a precision-engineered barrel with an adjustable trigger to provide pinpoint accuracy, as well as a front sight with set screws to tailor shooting distance accuracy. Constructed of high-quality materials for long-lasting use and exceptional durability, this versatile firearm is suitable for multiple services.

The Super Sport’s ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold and easy to aim, with its curved grip providing a secure fit in the hand and its smooth and responsive trigger. Furthermore, its lightweight frame makes it easier to conceal or carry around. Furthermore, with six rounds available, it makes an ideal weapon for both hunting and target shooting.

Korth offers various models of revolvers, each designed with unique features. Their most popular model, the Super Sport STX, is an accurate and reliable option suitable for competitive shooters, with its titanium-made hammer helping reduce recoil and improve accuracy while its recessed rear sight provides additional stability. Furthermore, this revolver comes in various colors and finishes, along with multiple grip options, to customize your experience even further.

For those in search of a lighter and smaller Super Sport model, there is ALX. This version comes equipped with the exact world-class firing mechanism found on its predecessor – but is 12 ounces lighter! In addition, its anodized blue finish stands out while offering access to an array of accessories like Picatinny rails for mounting lights or laser sights.

Nighthawk Custom’s Korth Ranger revolver offers another viable choice with its removable 9mm cylinder that can easily be swapped out for 9mm use, as well as stylish laminated wood grips that are both light and durable.

Korth revolvers, made in Germany and imported by Nighthawk Custom, are known for their exquisite craftsmanship and accuracy – yet can be costly; therefore, they may not suit those on tight budgets.


The Korth Super Sport revolver is an exceptional weapon with exceptional accuracy, ergonomics, and durability – but its high price and limited availability may make it unsuitable for specific buyers. Furthermore, its weight may make extended use or concealed carry less comfortable.

The Super Sport revolver from Korth GmbH, a renowned German manufacturer known for precision engineering and top-grade materials, can be used in both competitive shooting and self-defense. Featuring a match-grade barrel with adjustable trigger and rear sight and Picatinny rail for mounting accessories like laser or red dot sights, it has become one of the most sought-after revolvers on the market and among competitive shooters alike. It remains a favorite among this category of firearms.

Korth’s Super Sport ALX model provides a more compact option and is 12 ounces lighter than the STX due to using a different barrel heat shield and grip panels that reduce weight. Furthermore, this model features a more prominent rear sight aperture and a lever cylinder release lever. As with its sister product, the ALX is handcrafted in-house by Korth gunsmiths.

Unlike some double-action revolvers, the Korth Super Sport stands out by having an interchangeable cylinder that can quickly switch between.357 Magnum and 9mm calibers in mere seconds – enabling users to change cylinders without taking apart their gun or needing moon clips! Additionally, this revolver boasts a buttery smooth trigger as well as an intuitive lever cylinder release to make switching barrels easy.

The Korth Super Sport revolver features a compact and lightweight design thanks to its rimless construction, as well as its attractive satin finish. Its well-shaped hammer features three finger grooves with an indentation near its tip for comfortable thumb rest. Furthermore, its grips, made from beautiful Turkish walnut, fit snugly onto its frame – held securely by four retaining screws which must be carefully undone in order to remove them.


The Korth Super Sport revolver is a six-shot double-action revolver with a large frame that slightly exceeds that of medium-frame guns like Mongoose.44 Magnum. This revolver weighs 55 ounces unloaded when including its massive heavy barrel; there are accessory rails on top and bottom of the barrel for accessory attachment; its front sight uses set screws that enable adjustability to accommodate different distances for shooting.

The hand-fitted and polished trigger offers an exceptional feel with minimum reset, and its cylinder lockup is rock solid. This revolver features a cold-forged Lothar Walther polygonal barrel for precision shooting; American Hogue rubber grips cushion the joints of thumb and forefinger against recoil while providing non-slip traction; in addition, these grips feature both top-mounted as well as bottom-mounted Picatinny rails to allow lights to shine brightly on them.

While the Super Sport revolver is designed as a competition revolver, it can also serve as an effective self-defense weapon. Chambered for multiple calibers – including 9mm – it makes switching rounds quick and simple for its owner. Furthermore, right-handed shooters will find its cylinder release located conveniently on its left side for more effortless cylinder opening/closing without breaking their grip on their gun.

Unlike other Korth revolvers with lighter trigger pulls, the Super Sport features a heavier trigger pull and giant recoil spring, making the gun more responsive when fired rapidly – an invaluable advantage for IDPA competitors who must shoot quickly to be competitive in IDPA matches. When tested under rapid-fire conditions, this gun consistently produced split times of under two seconds in three separate six-shot strings of six shots each line of the rapid-fire test.

When considering an expensive revolver, one often wonders whether the price tag justifies its purchase. This depends on your priorities and goals: competitive shooting enthusiasts who want an exceptional gun such as the Korth Super Sport is definitely worth its cost, while those seeking everyday carry solutions may prefer Nighthawk Custom models instead.


The Korth Super Sport 6-inch revolver is a top-of-the-line revolver designed to meet competitive shooting and self-defense needs, featuring outstanding accuracy, ergonomics, and durability. Unfortunately, it has some drawbacks, for instance, limited availability and a higher price point; furthermore, it may make long periods of carrying difficult or concealed carry difficult as a result of its heavy nature.

The Super Sport STX is an upgraded edition of the standard Super Sport, boasting several distinctive features. First of all, its silver DLC finish enhances durability and corrosion resistance. Furthermore, its front sight can be zeroed at four different elevations for precise shooting at different distances; additionally, it comes equipped with a sizeable rear sight that’s easy to manipulate, as well as an integrated cylinder latch, which simplifies manipulation. Moreover, there are various accessories, such as red-dot sights or lasers mounted onto its Picatinny rail for mounting red-dot sights or lasers;

The Super Sport ULX is another new addition to the Super Sport family. It offers all of the same functional features of a standard Super Sport while remaining lighter and smaller. It features a cold-forged Lothar Walther polygon barrel for superior accuracy, as well as a fully adjustable front sight. Plus, its large HAL Swigget grips provide comfortable nonslip traction – something its standard counterpart lacks.

Korth also unveiled the Ranger version of their Super Sport revolver as part of its top-quality offerings, available exclusively from Nighthawk Custom and featuring a lightweight barrel heat shield designed to accommodate flashlight or laser sights and precision machined parts reminiscent of its standard Super Sport counterpart, along with its dedicated 9mm cylinder.

The Super Sport revolver is premium, so its price will reflect that. However, those serious about competitive shooting will find that its investment is well worth it; its ergonomic design makes it well-suited to all forms of competition as well as tactical applications; additionally, it comes equipped with upgrades and customization features that allow it to meet specific shooting needs.