Your Name is Peter and You’re a Nerd


As soon as school was over, Peter invited you over for some “late-night studying.” However, little did you know it would become much more.

Your body seems to be art. Push out your breasts and pose for him in his bed while his hands trace over you like pieces of art.

1. You’re a cheerleader

Peter was uncertain that anyone could accept him after losing Gwen, as he struggled to talk to girls, stammered over his words, and came off as a complete nerd. But once you came into his life, he couldn’t get enough of you; you were sweet, intelligent, and shy – precisely what he needed in his life to feel complete again and fill a gaping hole he never realized existed!

On the day of your cheer team’s big stunt, you are filled with anxiety. After practicing all year for this momentous occasion, all that hard work should come together flawlessly in front of an audience of spectators – but then Ned and MJ inform you that Peter will be coming as well – making you nervous yet again despite trying your best. Just smile to hide any signs of stress.

When you see Peter and his friends sitting on the sidelines, you smile softly and link arms. Peter notices and blushes. After gazing upon you for a while with widening eyes, he tells you, “You are so pretty.”

Initial responses by your ex were somewhat surprising since he has never shown any interest in girls before, yet when he began telling you his secret, you quickly understood why he had such a crush on you.

Although he cannot take you out due to his superhero duties, he wants to spend as much time with you as possible. Even when other friends were available, he would miss them for hanging out with you because he knows you make him happy. Whenever you need a hug or reassurance, he’s there for you, and on days when you feel less-than-ideal about yourself, he will show that everything about you is stunning–even your imperfections!

2. You’re a black cat

Finding romance among those involved with crime-fighting or vigilantism can be complicated – especially if they also happen to be black cats!

Your cat has always been wild and feral; she enjoys hunting people and preying upon them without much control of her sexual desires. But when Peter Parker starts flirting with you and showing an interest in having an intimate relationship, it becomes difficult for you to control her lust – particularly when she finds herself held hostage by Peter’s talons!

Two knocks at your dorm room door startle you, making you somewhat anxious. Thinking he would see more than just your bones, you decided to put on some nice joggers and tight fitting tee shirt so as to give Peter an impression that all was not lost when meeting with you.

But your plan doesn’t seem to work; when you open the door, Peter is already wearing his Spider-Man costume! He looks startled to see you and is uncertain how best to deal with what has transpired; he doesn’t want to divulge too much information as that could reveal his secret identity and turn you into a potential enemy.

And instead of leaving you to your room and figuring out your next move on your own, he takes you with him to his next job. He tries to convince you it’s just part of his training – that it keeps him sharp for any situation that arises – but you know this is more than just a hobby for him, and you cannot believe he would turn you in even though that would be the safest option.

3. You’re a cowboy

Peter’s Volvo breaks down in Tennessee and becomes disabled, forcing him to spend three days at Keener Ranch and experience domestic Keeners, hella pining, and small-town shenanigans that exceed even his expectations.

Peter Parker may only have been an omega two months ago, yet he is still very inexperienced when it comes to love and relationships. But once he gets acquainted with you, it will be difficult for him to let you go.

Peter doesn’t want to go with whatever stranger May assigns as his plus one for the Stark Industries gala, so he contacts Harley. She agrees to be his date because pretending to date your best friend is totally acceptable.

“Good morning, baby,” Peter hummed as his arms wrapped themselves snugly around you. As Peter began to grasp his sexual side, he couldn’t stop talking about it with grunts and moans of pleasure he couldn’t contain either in conversation or the bedroom! Quite the vocal superhero but quickly making progress there as well.

As you move, he trails his lips along your clit, teasing you while knowing just what he wants from you. You wiggle to avoid his clutches, but no matter – he grabs you and pulls you down onto himself.

His mouth sucked hard as your hips buckled and your back arched with pleasure, longing for more. As his tongue entered your mouth and tasted your sweetness, his hard sucking intensified; you moaned out loud from pure joy as his tongue moved in more tightly with each sucking session he administered; you couldn’t believe you were so fortunate to become his muse; you were the first woman he fell for in life!

4. You’re a student

Your alarm goes off, and you rush from the room, almost tripping over a chair as you race toward the door. Looking back, you see him with his hand up your leg – looking back, you realize something else is up your leg as well.

He comes up behind you suddenly, surprising and charming you, leaving you speechless as his words leave an indecent thought in your mind: “Sorry babe, I didn’t realize you were leaving class; it just came into my head!”. As soon as your class is over, take his hand and let it lead yours down towards your thigh while simultaneously trying to concentrate. Managing to keep focus just barely despite his attentions!

Your heart skips a beat as a familiar sound fills the halls outside; that noise was last heard when Peter Parker attempted to open your locker! Luckily, Flash was there to save the day for you and protect you from Peter Parker’s deadly grip.

After your traumatizing encounter with him, you vowed not to see him again, yet your best work friend suggested chaperoning a dance; you couldn’t refuse such an offer! So, when your friend suggested escorting it, and you told your boss you’d attend as a chaperone, their expression let him know your answer wasn’t what they expected and told him you wouldn’t participate, but his response clearly let him know this wasn’t precisely the reply he expected from you.

Your confusion surrounded his enrollment in her classes when he had plenty of other ones available to him. Even though you know your periodic table and have achieved a perfect SAT score, somehow he has always seemed familiar, but you can’t place him – perhaps his name reminds you too much of a chorus from a sad song or that unexpected ‘B’ on your report card?

5. You’re a crying mess

Peter first saw you crying on the floor and tried to console and hold you close; unfortunately, he could not do this due to having to return to work and remain anonymous for now.

But he knew he’d see you again, so he wanted to ensure it would be for good this time around. He knew it was vital for him to reveal himself fully, that his issue wasn’t related solely to Spider-Man but something much more profound.

He told you he had been experiencing some personal struggles recently and was having difficulty coping with all that entailed. While you didn’t like hearing that news, you listened because he was your boyfriend and was telling the truth.

He eventually started speaking about how lonely and sad he had been feeling while also confessing his jealousy of your friendship with Liz Allen because she always got to eat lunch with you and sit next to you in classes.

However, he then told you about a time he saw Harry Osborn flirt with you and how it really bothered him. Hearing that statement didn’t sit well with you, as it suggested that he was just jealous that you weren’t his partner anymore.

But then he kissed you on the cheek, leaning down to give your lips a soft lick, sending shivers down your spine as you reached up to hold him and breathe deeply of his scent.