Discover the Island Nation on a Yacht Charter


Malta, Gozo, and Comino offer some of the most transparent waters in Europe, making for a spectacular yacht charter experience in an island nation filled with magic! Explore them now on a yacht charter to experience this paradise for yourself. Discover the best info about renting a boat in Malta.

Malta, situated near Africa and close to most European countries, boasts an exotic charm that makes for the ideal holiday experience. Wander its hidden bays and striking beaches of this magical archipelago.


Yacht charters provide an extraordinary opportunity to discover Malta’s captivating coast and turquoise sea, creating the ideal escape for romantic couples or fun-seeking friends alike. Most of our yacht charters include an option to hire a skipper and crew, making your voyage more relaxing and enjoyable; though this will add cost, having someone adapt the sailing route to meet your requirements makes your journey all the more worthwhile!

Malta’s archipelago boasts luxurious resorts and tranquil wilderness alike, making it an ideal yacht charter destination. From Valletta’s rich history to Mdina’s formal city layout, Malta is full of iconic places worth discovering on your sail.

Comino Island’s Blue Lagoon is an idyllic snorkeller’s dream with its crystal-clear waters that rival those found elsewhere. There are also many peaceful, sheltered beaches and coves perfect for lounging around or watching breathtaking sunsets.

Food is an integral component of luxury yacht travel, so why not make Malta your dining destination? From pizza in Malta’s capital city of Valletta to traditional stew such as Stuffat tal-Qarnit, Malta’s gourmet restaurants will satisfy any appetite you might have!


Malta’s Sister Islands, Gozo, and Comino offer idyllic locations for private yacht charter. Gozo boasts clear waters that are ideal for sailing and snorkeling, as well as incredible caves, while Comino features its iconic Blue Lagoon. Being closer to Africa than many Mediterranean countries gives Malta and its Sister Isles an exotic air.

Your yacht allows you to witness Malta’s most notable landmarks from an unusual vantage point, including Grand Harbor – an exquisite natural harbor home to historic forts – and St Paul’s Islands (where St Paul himself shipwrecked), which you may also admire from St. Paul’s Islands or Dingli Cliffs which offers breathtaking views of both seashore and Valletta skyline from their natural settings.

Get to know Malta and the Sister Isles on your own or with a skipper, either alone or together. When sailing with a skipper, they’ll take care of all technical details for your safety while you relax and take in the scenery from your deck chair! Many of our boats can accommodate up to 12 guests, so we recommend booking early as many of these boats fill quickly; book online or by phone now.

The Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto is an incredible series of sea caves located along Malta’s southeastern coast and one of the island’s top tourist attractions, making a stop here a must for all visitors! Its name perfectly captures its magical waters’ sparkling play of luminescent blue hues – something other names fail to do!

This natural wonder is a sight for sore eyes and even more stunning on sunny days. The cobalt-blue clear waters shimmer and glitter with flashes of phosphorescence, creating an experience you will remember long after your boat trip has concluded.

Boat trips to the Blue Grotto offer an unforgettable way to discover Malta. Feel the breeze blow through your hair as you sail across azure blue waters surrounded by lush forests – this trip will give you an experience you will remember forever as you experience nature’s wonders and uncover its rich history!

The Blue Grotto is open year-round and offers various boat trips that span approximately 20-30 minutes to explore several caves within it. An extended boat tour that extends up to one hour also includes touring nearby Filfla Island.


Malta is an island paradise that seems tailored to make the ultimate sailing vacation, from exploring hidden coves, swimming in crystal-clear waters, or strolling along historical landmarks – whatever you’re after in terms of sightseeing, Malta makes the ideal sailing charter destination. Sailo makes renting boats easy – click the “Message Boat Owner” button on each boat page to connect with local boat owners who can help plan a fantastic sailing vacation experience in Malta – whether renting it from us, renting from owners locally, or renting directly.

Many boats available on our site come equipped with captains and crew, providing an opportunity for you to unwind while professional maritime experts handle the technical details of your cruise. This can make the experience much more pleasurable while helping ease anxiety about navigating unfamiliar waters; additionally, an experienced skipper may recommend an ideal route based on your preferences while helping avoid busy areas.

Malta and its sister islands, Gozo and Comino, offer yacht lovers an idyllic sailing environment. Relax on tranquil beaches, explore ancient harbors, visit historic sites, or experience world-class cuisine and nightlife: Malta offers something for every yacht enthusiast!