Why Mushrooms Are All the Rage


Mushrooms and fungi have become the next must-have trend this season, from mycelium-inspired leather to an extravagant $6,950 green mushroom pendant by designers. So, we consulted a fungal biologist to understand why mushrooms have such an enduring appeal in fashion.

This dress offers stylish versatility with its fitted bodice and full skirt in dark green forest mushroom print fabric, complete with front buttons down the front and a rear zipper.


Mushroom dresses can be added to a player’s wardrobe as costume pieces for cosmetic reasons, with numerous customization options, including color, size, and pattern (mushrooms or gingham) available from the Moogle Store. Although it does not add stats directly, these pieces may serve as replacement clothing to help prevent character fatigue while providing cosmetic appeal.

Kimono style shirt dress featuring a mushroom forest print in pink and green. Fitted over a cream folk blouse with faux front buttons and a gathered skirt. Crafted of 35% cotton and 65% poly for ultimate stretch and comfort, hand wash or gentle machine wash is safe, made-to-order, and ships within 4-6 weeks.


This blue mushroom wrap dress is an irresistibly charming way to celebrate the magic and mystery of folklore. Each mushroom is carefully detailed for added depth of imagination and playfulness. Made with our OEKO-TEX-certified cotton material, this piece can endure active play while keeping its color and shape.

Independent artists create all our prints, which can be transformed into fabric, wallpaper, and home decor products to suit your taste. Your purchase helps support both them and their family!

Spoonflower offers an assortment of mushroom dresses and other unique designs for those searching for something different. Additionally, our customizable fabrics allow users to upload their designs and earn royalties on each sale!


Mushroom fabric can add an organic aesthetic to their space, perfect for creating fashion and home decor items like clothing, curtains, and pillows. Customizable options mean it can even become a one-of-a-kind piece!

As opposed to leather fabric, mushroom fabric is produced using renewable resources that do not involve harmful chemicals for production or dyeing – making it carbon neutral and perfect for environmentally conscious consumers. Not only is mushroom fabric flexible yet firm, but its wide array of shapes and sizes makes it possible to craft stylish yet practical dresses for any special occasion!

Whatever type of dress or gown you’re in the market for, mushroom fabric makes an excellent selection. It can easily match various colors and patterns to complete your desired look while being machine washable to maintain cleanliness easily. Plus, its antimicrobial properties help prevent the build-up of germs and odors – not to mention being soft against sensitive skin! It makes mushroom fabric the ideal option.


This mushroom dress offers a simple silhouette that meets folklore-inspired magic with its minimalist slip cut on the bias from silk charmeuse adorned with irresistible magical mushrooms. Its sleek silhouette floats beautifully against your frame while flattering curves without clinging. Perfect for autumn wear or even dress it up for special events with accessories!

This playful mushroom print twirl dress is an indispensable addition to any young girl’s wardrobe! Crafted from soft brushed poly/spandex knit fabric and featuring an adorable mushroom print pattern, this piece makes a statement! With its full twirl skirt gathered at the waist with back button detail and 3/4 length sleeves featuring cute cuff details, it is ideal for playing and exploring the world!

This dress can be customized with different colors of embroidery thread. Just let us know which hue you would prefer when ordering! Please be aware that the current estimated shipping timeframe for handmade products such as this embroidery dress is two weeks due to custom orders being placed for this embroidery service. Thank you for being patient with us; for more information, visit our FAQ page.