TELFA – Superior Ouchless Wound Dressing


These “ouchless” dressings provide a comfortable healing environment without inhibiting healing tissue by sticking to the wound site. Contained within individual peel-open envelopes, these absorbent cotton pads make an ideal primary dressing choice for lightly draining wounds.

Telfa AMD dressing was significantly faster at reepithelialization than Bactigras dressing due to not adhering to new epithelium cells and thus protecting delicate skin during dressing changes. This may have been partly attributed to its nonadhesive quality.


Hospitals and doctor’s offices alike often rely on this sterile gauze non-adherent wound dressing, which can be cut to fit the size of an injury while still holding its shape without separating layers. It makes an ideal primary dressing or covering surgical sites or sutured wounds in order to prevent infections, absorb wound secretions, and minimize maceration.

The Kendall Telfa Ouchless Adhesive Dressing is made of highly absorbent cotton fabric bonded on both sides with perforated, non-adherent film for easy dispensing and minimal roll-up. It won’t disrupt healing tissue by sticking to wounds directly while maintaining an optimal moisture vapor transmission rate that helps control fluid loss while providing a moist environment conducive to healing wounds. Plus, it features convenient adhesive strips that make dispensing and roll-up easy!

This sterile adhesive tela dressing features a soft, non-woven backing that molds around wounds for efficient drainage, sealing on all four sides to provide secure coverage of IV sites, pressure ulcers (stages 1 through 3), or partial-thickness wounds. Specifically designed for light drainage needs. Ideal for central IV sites and pressure ulcers (stages 1-3) as well as partial thickness wounds.

An adhesive tela dressing resembles medical plasters in that both consist of small sheets of material with absorbent pads attached to their sticky side and typically feature an absorbent pad for extra absorbency. They’re often referred to as bandages in the US; Australian, Canadian, and UK citizens commonly refer to them by trademarked names such as Band-AidTM, sticking plasterTM, or medical plasterTM instead.


The Island Telfa Dressing is an all-in-one sterile dressing featuring an absorbent pad and soft, non-woven adhesive backing, both designed to conform to and seal around a wound without disturbing healing tissue. Perfect for lightly draining wounds as well as central and peripheral IV sites, this all-in-one is offered in several sizes with its peel-back package for convenient storage.

This product is ideal for use as either a secondary or primary dressing on pressure ulcers, partial thickness wounds, and red wounds. The non-adherent Telfa film doesn’t disturb healing tissue and helps improve wound breathability and moisture vapor transmission while protecting central and peripheral IV sites safely and effectively. Furthermore, these adhesive dressings can easily be applied and removed when necessary without disrupting wound beds; each box of 50 includes individual wraps designed to make application and removal as straightforward as possible.


The TELFA Non-adherent Dress will not interfere with healing by sticking to the wound surface. Designed as an at-home dressing for light draining wounds, its absorbent cotton pad construction and perforated non-adherent film construction allow cutting to shape without layers separating; adhesive strips ensure stability for optimal performance – perfect for professional or personal medical uses alike! Each dressing comes packaged individually within its peel-open envelope for convenient medical purposes.

It provides breathability to reduce maceration of skin macerations and contains 382 holes per square inch with diameters ranging from 1/50″ to 2/67″, making this dressing steam sterilizable and waterproof for use at home. Plus, its shape and size make cutting to fit various wound shapes easy!

The Ouchless non-adherent Telfa dressing comes sterile in an easy peel-back envelope for both professional and personal medical uses. Ideal for athletic trainers as it doesn’t stick to injuries but allows airflow for faster healing processes, this non-stick option makes an excellent addition.