Unrefined Dog Food


To avoid providing your pet with low nutritional value proteins, read the ingredient labels on any products you feed them. Look out for easily digestible proteins rich in amino acids – such as salmon protein.

This recipe features grass-fed lamb as its star ingredient and combines it with ancient grains and superfoods for optimal nutrition. No peas, lentils, potatoes, chicken or beef by-products, fillers, or artificial flavors have been included in its formulation.


Food products designed for pets often contain preservatives that extend shelf life; however, they may harm their health and lead to liver or kidney failure, digestive issues, and more. They may even contain carcinogens and other dangerous ingredients; opting for natural preservatives like vinegar, coconut oil, or lemon juice as alternatives is wiser.

Earthborn Holistic’s Unrefined line offers recipes made with ancient grains and superfoods. This selection does not include peas, lentils, beans, or potatoes and features hormone- and antibiotic-free lamb as its primary protein source; it does not include any artificial flavors or preservatives.

Earthborn Holistic offers dogs four lines of dry food: Grain-Free, Venture Range, Biologically Appropriate Range, and Unrefined. Each contains various meats and grains but differs in other ways – for instance, Unrefined has roasted lamb as its primary protein source, while Grain-Free does not include this option.

Chicken meal, a concentrated source of protein, serves as the foundation of this recipe. After this comes an assortment of plant-based proteins, including rye flour, which may cause allergies in particular dogs and be challenging for their digestive systems; furthermore, it contains plenty of soluble fiber, which could potentially promote gas and bloat issues.

The digestibility

The digestibility of dog food is of great significance as it determines how efficiently its nutrients can be absorbed and utilized by the body. Unfortunately, digestibility information cannot be found on pet food packaging but can be discovered through feeding trials with dogs.

Digestibility can be measured by comparing what goes in with what comes out (via feces). The resultant ratio shows how much of each nutrient was taken up and utilized by your dog’s body – with higher digestibilities signifying more nutritious diet options.

Canned food tends to have higher digestibility ratings than dry kibble due to the higher moisture content, reducing digestion effort. Unfortunately, many canned foods contain rendered fats, which may contain harmful toxins and promote an environment for the growth of unhealthy bacteria in your dog’s digestive tract.

Unrefined dog food recipes differ significantly from many commercial offerings by not including peas, lentils, beans, legumes, chicken by-products, wheat, or corn, and do not use artificial colors, fla,vors, or preservatives. Instead, these food sources use sustainably caught salmon, cage-free rabbit, and and-range turkey as meat sources, as well as ancient grains like quinoa and buckwheat and are combined with 14 nutrient-rich superfood fruits and vegetables such as cranberries and butternut squash, which all help support heart health.


Raw pet food contains bacteria such as salmonella and E. coli that can spread disease to both people and animals, which necessitates special precautions when handling raw dog foods – this includes wearing disposable gloves and using disposable plates to prevent contamination of surfaces and ensuring children and the elderly don’t come in direct contact with it as this increases their risk.

Commercially prepared raw diets are safe, while homemade natural pet foods can often contain bacteria during preparation or storage. While stomach acidity can kill some bacteria, it cannot completely eradicate all threats; for this reason, it’s wiser to opt for commercially prepared raw diets.

Earthborn Holistic employs sustainable and humane harvest methods when gathering their fish from US coastal waters monitored for radiation and mercury levels before using family farms as sources to craft recipes incorporating other natural ingredients such as kelp, carrots, and blueberries into them.

Packaging from this company is also eco-friendly: PlantBags are made with BPA-free plant-based plastic, and the brand participates in the UPCs for Trees program to plant one tree per bag purchased. The food consists of a high protein diet with moderate fat intake featuring raw meats, poultry, and various superfoods.


Unrefined dog food brands that use quality ingredients may cost more than traditional supermarket brands, but that is because these brands use superior-grade organic and sustainably sourced ingredients that contribute to your pet’s overall health and well-being. Furthermore, transparent labeling promotes responsible sourcing practices and nutrition support for specific issues like joint care and dental hygiene.

Earthborn Holistic’s UNREFINED line offers high-protein, natural ingredients recipes with delicious tastes. Their Roasted Lamb recipe features delectable grass-fed, cage-free lamb as its first ingredient, paired with easily digested ancient grains such as quinoa, buckwheat, and chia for optimal digestion and heart health. Plus, it is packed full of nutritious superfoods!

Earthborn’s recipe is free from artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, and legumes such as lentils that may trigger food sensitivities in dogs. Earthborn also sources its food from ethically and responsibly raised animals for ethical production and uses recycled paper packaging and plant-based plastics in its packaging – planting one tree for every bag sold through their UPCs for Trees program!