Thai Food in Salem Oregon


Salem, Oregon’s capital city, makes an excellent weekend destination. Offering breathtaking Willamette Valley scenery and numerous historic sites to discover, Salem provides the ideal blend of small-town hospitality with politics and culture.

This restaurant specializes in delicious Thai, chili, and beef fare you can order to takeaway. With spectacular decor and friendly staff members, they provide outstanding dining experiences.

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Thai cuisine relies heavily on rice as the central element; every meal begins with it. Be it boiled, fried, or stir-fried, it can often be found topped with vegetables and herbs – often appearing alongside signature dishes such as pad thai, satay, and pad see ew.

Thai Cuisine of Salem is an excellent destination for delectable meals, offering many types of salads, chili, and beef dishes – plus welcoming staff members with democratic prices! Open all year long, it is the ideal venue to explore some new cuisine.

Salem is home to several restaurants and shops that provide Thai Fried Rice delivery, so entering your address to view options and compare menu items is critical in finding one you love and placing your order online – it will arrive at your home, office, or wherever else in Salem you need it delivered fast! Ordering is fast and straightforward using their app, which lets you track its journey!


Curry is a delicious wet dish that blends the distinct scent of spices with meat, vegetables, and creamy coconut milk for an irresistibly fragrant, warming meal. Curry can be as spicy or mild as desired and is often finished with finely-sliced kaffir lime leaves as an extra touch.

Mussaman curry, one of the most beloved southern Thai specialties, features delicious deep flavors from the generous use of turmeric. Prepared using meat, potatoes, carrots, and onions alongside crunchy water chestnuts and sweet basil, it promises an exciting culinary adventure!

Pad Thai, a stir-fried dish combining your choice of protein with medium-sized rice noodles, onions, and bean sprouts topped with ground peanuts, is another mouthwatering treat at Silk Thai Restaurant. Their menu also boasts an extensive selection of curries, noodle dishes, and seafood; their drop-off catering service provides delicious drop-off catering. You can even enjoy fresh juices and smoothies on the go – their yummy drinks will surely tickle your tastebuds!


Salem is a small town with considerable charm, offering simple yet welcoming hospitality and numerous historic sites for exploration. From its grand gold-domed State Capitol to Mill Mission Museum and many nearby attractions, visitors will find plenty of things they can enjoy here! Salem provides plenty of delicious Thai or soothing getaway options for foodies or those simply seeking relaxation.

Silk Thai Cuisine, newly opened this week in downtown Independence, marks Vichuda “Nui” Stine’s third restaurant; she also owns Bai Bua in Keizer and Bangkok Thai Bistro in Salem. Menu offerings at Silk Thai Cuisine mirror those found elsewhere: curries, noodles dishes, seafood options, and rice options can all be found alongside cocktails for guests to enjoy!


Salem, Oregon’s state capital, offers a blend of politics and culture with small-town hospitality. Its old-fashioned architecture and a wide array of historical sites make Salem an enthralling city, particularly if you want to tour its grand gold-domed state capitol building. When the sun starts setting, or you need a break from all this history and politics, visit one of Salem’s many Thai restaurants and enjoy authentic Thai food!

Thai Orchid Restaurant, Lanxang Lao Thai Cuisine, and Tup Tim Thai Cuisine provide excellent Thai food delivery services in Salem. There are also other excellent Thai restaurants nearby, such as Thai Beer Restaurant and Hong Thai Express, where you can get delicious Thai cuisine delivered directly.