Nelson Oregon High School Swimming


Nelson quickly established itself in Oregon high school swimming circles. Within its inaugural year as a 6A program, Nelson produced two state champions and placed fifth in team scoring.

Optional weeknight practice and Saturday game days.

Personal Training

Nelson Sports Complex (formerly Hood View Park) 16223 SE Stadium Way Happy Valley Oregon 97015 Four all-weather artificial turf fields that feature all-weather lighting are located here.

The Nelson sports complex in Oregon provides a host of recreational opportunities, from an ice skating rink and Olympic-size swimming pool to a fitness center and gymnastics center – as well as youth sports programs – in an expansive facility located within Clackamas County.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many local businesses have experienced decreased customer traffic and higher security costs. Some have responded creatively by employing additional staff members or hiring temporary help for cleaning tasks and other duties.

Nelson Sports Complex features an extensive range of weight training equipment and free weights, cardio machines, and a spacious treadmill area, along with personal training services and group exercise classes from professional staff members. If you want to get fit but lack space or time for gym memberships, Nelson Sports Complex can provide an excellent way to do just that!

Nelson graduated from Portland State University with over 20 years of experience as an athletic trainer. He has worked in collegiate athletics at Linfield College, Pacific University, and Oregon State University; is a member of the National Athletic Trainers Association; and has completed both the Graston Technique M-1 and Structure & Function Dry Needling 1 advanced soft tissue courses.

Kyle Nelson recently rejoined Portland State as Director of Sports Medicine for the Park Blocks and as a certified Kinesio taping instructor. With both master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from PSU in Public Health under his belt, Kyle has held several roles within collegiate athletics, including being Head Athletic Trainer for seven years at Concordia University; moreover, he has served Hope Orthopedics of Oregon since 2009.

Assessments will take place this Saturday at Nelson Sports Complex (formerly Hood View Park). On November 17th, the Nelson Cavaliers defeated Klackamas Hawks by an overwhelming score of 71-17.

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