MeBe Family San Diego Opens New Learning Center


MeBe Family is a premier provider ensuring every child can immediately access ethical, evidence-based therapies such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Feeding Therapy.

MeBe has recently opened a Learning Center in Kearny Mesa that provides one-on-one ABA programs, speech and language therapy services, occupational therapy services, and social skills groups and is hosting San Diego County’s second feeding clinic.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Applied behavior analysis, more commonly referred to as ABA is an established treatment approach for individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and various cognitive and behavioral conditions. This therapy approach may also be part of treatment plans for different mental illnesses.

ABA centers around environmental variables that impact behavior, known as antecedents and consequences. An ancestor occurs before behavior occurs, while effects result after it does. ABA practitioners work closely with you in developing plans that shape or change behaviors.

Over time, you will witness your child develop new skills and progress toward your goals. ABA is often utilized to teach social skills, reduce maladaptive behaviors, enhance learning and language abilities, increase functional independence, and more.

MeBe Learning Center of Kearny Mesa was recently inaugurated by a husband-wife team. Offering personalized ABA programs, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy services, social skills groups, and even a feeding clinic (the second of its kind in San Diego County), this 10,000-square-foot learning center brings diagnostic rigor, research-based strategies, and fun together in customized services tailored specifically for each client.

Speech and Language Therapy

San Diego (KUSI)- A husband-wife team is revolutionizing how therapy is provided to children in San Diego. They’ve opened a learning center in Kearny Mesa that offers one-on-one Applied Behavior Analysis programs, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and social skills groups; plus, they have opened only the second feeding clinic in the county!

They aim to restore joy to families whose children have Autism Spectrum Disorder or other disabilities. Their team combines diagnostic rigor with playful games to help each child reach his or her entire emotional, intellectual, and social potential. They teach the skills necessary for lifelong success and fulfillment through various therapies.

Zippia recently compiled data showing that MeBe employees earn an average annual salary of $40,291, which compares favorably with salaries at comparable companies such as Bierman Aba, Connections Behavior Planning & Intervention, Alpine Autism Center, and Center for Autism and Related Disorders.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is an evidence-based practice that supports individuals in participating in daily life activities and reaching their optimal level of function. Therapists work with children and adults alike to enhance functional skills like motor coordination, sensory processing, speech/language comprehension, and handwriting and help patients manage symptoms related to chronic illnesses or injuries to alleviate pain.

The husband-wife team opens a 10,000-square-foot learning center offering various services under one roof, such as one-on-one ABA programs, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and social skills groups. Sage Learning Center features an environment based on RDI principles with telehealth services such as speech therapy in-home delivery, behavioral modification plans, and third-party evaluations available as additional support.

Responsible for designing, implementing, and monitoring department policies, procedures, and protocols to ensure quality care and compliance with industry standards. Provide clinical guidance and expertise to Occupational Therapy staff when dealing with complex cases or treatment planning. Ensure minimum billable productivity expectations across the OT department are met and collaborate with interdepartmental teams to ensure the client’s best interests are always fulfilled.

Feeding Therapy

At our 10,000-square-foot facility in Kearny Mesa, our specialists offer one-on-one ABA programs, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, feeding clinic services, social skills groups, and feeding clinic services designed to build upon and supplement one another, creating an optimal learning center environment that ensures a smooth transition back home and then onto school readiness for children.

MeBe’s approach combines diagnostic rigor and research-based strategies that assist children in discovering their unique strengths and abilities. MeBe therapists believe all children deserve to live the best lives possible and are here to support them along this journey.

MeBe is committed to making life more joyful for families with Autism Spectrum Disorder, speech and language disorders, sensory processing delays, motor delays, and other medical and developmental conditions. Their team of highly trained professionals offers evaluation and treatment for apraxia, articulation, phonological processes, stuttering ASD, ADHD TBI, and animal-assisted therapy. For more information, visit the MeBe website or call 3878 Ruffin Rd Suite B, Kearny Mesa, CA 8009637949 For additional inquiries.

Social Skills Groups

At Learning Center sessions, a child is placed into groups of peers with similar social skills and ability levels, then follows a classroom schedule facilitated by the Behavior Technician with fun group activities such as board games, group recess play, and art projects that provide opportunities to practice social interactions. Learning Center groups are great for children to make new friends while building and maintaining friendships and generalizing behaviors practiced at home with their BCBA.

MeBe offers more than individual services like ABA therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Feeding Therapy; in its Learning Centers, they also host social skills groups to teach new social abilities without distraction in an engaging and dynamic setting led by compassionate therapists with intensive training in these fields.

To learn more about MeBe and our therapy programs, watch one of the recorded MeBe Parent Webinars on our YouTube channel or contact us to speak to a MeBe Family Therapist – we would be more than happy to assist! We welcome any inquiries.