Fish Hit – A Soil Conditioner That Contain More Bacteria Than Any Other Product on the Market


Fish Shit Soil Conditioner contains more bacteria than any other product available on the market, making it suitable for any potting medium and helping with nutrient availability by transforming nutrients into forms plants can use. Certified organic by University and University tested also – Fish Shit can work with any nutrient line.

It’s a living product.

Fish Shit is a living product composed of various microorganisms that work to create an ecosystem in a bottle, providing healthy soil conditions for Tilapia fish to produce bacteria in ideal environments and grow under ideal circumstances. While the smell may remind one of rotting fish, Fish shit’s success in increasing plant production while simultaneously helping release essential oils and terpenes has proven its worthiness as an innovative product that works.

It’s organic

Fish Shit is an organic product made up of fish feed explicitly designed to benefit Tilapia fish, which Tilapia love to consume; digested food digests easily into bacteria production under ideal conditions, creating a living ecosystem in a bottle and helping create optimal rhizosphere conditions for plants and fruit to flourish in. When used according to directions, it can help break down salt buildup in the soil while releasing aromas and terpenes into the air, allowing flavorful plants to develop faster than ever! Fish shit can be used alongside any nutrient line for vegetative and bloom stages with a dosage range from 3ml-6ml per 4.5 gallons grow cycle for best results.

It’s University tested

Fish Shit contains a complex microbe profile essential to plant growth. These organisms feed off exudates, organic matter, and chemical compounds found at the soil’s base food web, turning them into usable nutrients to feed plant roots and create an optimal symbiotic relationship between plants and their surroundings, producing healthier plants with up to 20% higher yield. Plus, it smells like rotting fish, so you don’t have to worry about neighbors complaining!

Thumb Genetics is a Michigan cannabis grow operation that has pioneered using fish waste as organic fertilizer for their marijuana plants. They raise blue Nile Tilapia fish in a pond with food designed to encourage bacteria and microorganism production for a unique symbiotic system that creates an ecosystem-in-a-bottle solution.

It’s OMRI-certified

Fish Shit is an organic soil conditioner containing more microbes than any other product on the market, certified OMRI for organic use, and University tested. It features an intricate blend of thousands of species of bacteria, fungi, and protozoa that mimic natural ecosystems – making Fish Shit ideal for seed dipping, cloning, and flushing applications with 6ml per 4.5L water volume per application.

It works with any nutrient line and is the first to capture an entire ecosystem in one bottle. It helps plants maximize nutrient uptake by converting it into usable forms while simultaneously releasing essential oils and terpenes, and acts as a biocontrol to fight harmful microbes and disease.

It’s a soil conditioner

Fish shit is an organic soil conditioner that promotes plant health by creating an effective symbiotic relationship between their roots and soil. Packed with microbes that assist plants with absorption of nutrients and conversion into usable forms, fish shit has been shown to boost yield by 20% while encouraging release of essential oils and terpenes that contribute to more aromatic, flavorful plants and fruits.

This product is an organic soil conditioner listed by OMRI. It’s produced at a local Tilapia farm by feeding its fish a proprietary mix that stimulates bacteria and microorganism production/growth after harvesting and bottling under carefully managed conditions. As a result, you get an impressive mixture of thousands of strains of bacteria, fungi, and protozoa that closely resemble those found in an optimal natural biosystem.

Fish Shit works well in any media and nutrient line, yet is particularly effective when scratched into the soil surface to reach deeper into its top few inches and activate microbes that will digest its nutrients into bioavailable forms for use by plants in their root zone.

Fish Shit should be applied consistently during the growing cycle to achieve maximum results. For seed germination, one milliliter should be mixed with each gallon of water used; for cloning, two milliliters will do. When growing vegetatively, add 3-6mL per 4.5 liters; add another 6-12 milliliters when flushing. To achieve the best results, use this product regularly throughout your cycle! Use Fish Shit throughout your growing process and wash periodically for best results.