Chick O Fish on Benton Rd


Chick Fish is a fast food restaurant known for serving delicious fried fish sandwiches and seafood baskets with its famous tartar sauce. Their restaurants are usually busy, and their staff is friendly; patrons love this spot!

The Filet-O-Fish menu also features beverages and sides to satisfy thirst or hunger. According to Livestrong, it contains plenty of protein with zero grams of trans fats; unlike other McDonald’s sandwiches, however, its buns are steamed instead of standard toasting!


Chick-O-Fish offers an assortment of menu items, ranging from sandwiches and sides. Their famous fish sandwich offers freshly battered and fried fillets on a toasted bun, while their seafood basket features battered and fried shrimp, crab cakes, and more – perfect for lunch on the go!

Service at this restaurant is fast and friendly, while their food is consistently delicious and reasonably priced – perfect for dine-in customers or gatherings with a group. Unfortunately, their menu can be somewhat limited, making this an imperfect dining experience; some way should also exist to identify dine-in customers more efficiently.

Chick O’Fish is a fantastic option if you need something quick to eat quickly. While tucked away, their food makes the trip worthwhile with tasty options like fried fish, prawns, and rolls and beverages and desserts. Their staff are always friendly and are happy to assist in selecting an order – I recommend Chick O’Fish as one of my go-to restaurants! It is one of my favorites!


Chick O’ Fish on Benton Rd offers delicious fried fish sandwiches and battered and fried seafood baskets that won’t break the bank! Family-friendly with various combo meals, visitors can experience tasty fried seafood while spending less than at other fast food chains. Their highly-rated staff will serve up an unforgettable meal!

Chick O’ Fish is open Monday through Sunday. They accept advance phone orders and accept credit cards as payment.


Chick-o-fish 3 Reviews in Shreveport, Louisiana at 9312 Mansfield Road 71118 on Facebook 2023 * Check Reviews Now, View Photos for Updates 3 months later * Hours Updated three months ago, as seen here with updated hours: 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM Hours are closed before lunch service from 10:00 AM until 9 PM for service Monday-Sunday.


Chick-O-Fish offers delicious food at reasonable prices – their signature fish sandwich and seafood basket being among their many tasty offerings. Their service is friendly and fast, while prices remain affordable; additionally, they also offer combo meals, which allow customers to save even more on their order!

Fried fish here is crispy yet not oily; its light breading adds a flavorful crunch. Pickles bring freshness, and fixes add bite. I especially appreciate that their food is cooked while you wait, so it’s still hot and fresh when it arrives home!

Unfortunately, I found the chicken nuggets too dry for my tastes and found some of the sauces quite disappointing; tartar sauce could use more lemony-herb flavoring. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience here and plan to return soon.