EC Best Service Vs USPS


EC Best Service is an emerging competitor in the parcel delivery industry, known for its swift international deliveries and modern tracking technology. USPS is an established giant with a broad reach and predictable pricing structures.

Both services offer compensation policies to address lost and damaged packages; the details depend on the service type and package insurance policy.


When selecting a courier service, your priorities must be taken into account. Two significant contenders are EC Best Service and USPS; both offer eco-friendly practices and cutting-edge tracking technology. At the same time, EC Best Service stands out as being eco-friendly, while USPS boasts comprehensive coverage with reliable service delivery.

Both services provide an array of shipping solutions, from expedited to business solutions and discounted bulk pricing. EC Best Service stands out with discounted bulk pricing, which makes it an attractive choice for e-commerce businesses, while USPS stands out with competitive pricing for both regular mail packages and those for e-commerce companies, along with its full spectrum of business solutions.

Both services offer compensation policies for lost or damaged items, although specifics vary by service type and package insurance. EC Best Service also often offers scheduled pickups, while USPS provides an online portal to schedule package pick-ups. In addition, EC Best Service also provides extra benefits to regular shippers, such as discounts on commercial plus pricing, while USPS lacks an official loyalty program.


EC Best Service may be relatively new in the shipping industry, but they have quickly made themselves known as an effective shipping provider. Their services cater specifically to modern businesses’ needs for fast international delivery and reliable e-commerce shipping; additionally, they invest heavily in contemporary tracking technology so their customers receive real-time updates regarding the status of their packages.

EC Best Service discounts bulk shipments, making them a good option for businesses with ongoing shipping needs. They provide regular postal and express shipping methods – however, business users should watch for holiday closures that could delay deliveries.

Packaging your goods securely is another crucial aspect. To prevent damage during transit, accurate and comprehensive addresses should always be included – this can save days on delivery time! In addition, it is advised to communicate with recipients about expected delivery dates during sale periods when demand may increase significantly.

Customer Service

EC Best Service prides itself on offering tailored solutions to its customers, considering that every business is different and tailoring services accordingly. Furthermore, they prioritize data security and compliance with international regulations to keep customer information private and ensure it remains confidential. EC Best Service makes an ideal partner for businesses searching for high-quality shipping solutions.

Ec Best stands out from other providers’ commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices, using green hosting solutions and optimizing server efficiencies to minimize carbon emissions. This makes them a fantastic option for online stores looking to reduce their environmental impact.

EC Best Service’s platform natively supports mobile e-commerce, responsive designs, and multiple languages and currencies for international shoppers to shop easily online. Furthermore, they offer new users a free trial period to test their services before making their final decision.

Customer support at EC Best Service includes live chat and phone support and an extensive FAQ section. Their customer service representatives are knowledgeable and friendly, working hard to resolve any issues that may arise quickly. In addition, they offer training resources designed to familiarize users with their platform.

EC Best Service and USPS offer fast, reliable delivery services; selecting the appropriate one depends on your specific speed, cost, or coverage needs. For e-commerce businesses that rely on rapid international deliveries with modern tracking technology, such as EC, Best Service is often recommended, while USPS provides access to a broad network at predictable pricing structures.


Tracking capabilities are essential to any shipping service, and EC Best service doesn’t disappoint here, either. They have invested heavily in tracking technology to provide real-time updates and cost breakdowns; additionally, their customer support staff are friendly and attentive.

EC Best Service provides shipping solutions for businesses of all sizes in e-commerce, from small and midsized to larger enterprises. Their shipping services offer expedited delivery and custom packaging – as well as discounted bulk shipment pricing solutions and business solutions – and even offer additional perks, like free delivery of orders over $99 in select areas or Saturday deliveries.

EC Best Service has been operating out of Chino Hills, California, for the last four years, generating $452,780 annually and employing around nine individuals at their single location. They primarily provide Brokers/Contract Services within the Business Services sector.

Comparative to USPS, EC Best Service offers more cost-effective pricing and services, making them particularly popular with startups and SMBs looking for cost-efficient shipping solutions. Furthermore, this carrier can handle domestic and international shipments – plus, its tracking features offer greater sophistication than USPS.

EC-Best-Service provides more than just tracking and tracing; they also offer value-added services like repacking and labeling and comprehensive insurance policies to cover lost or damaged packages and protect their customers’ interests. Their extensive branch network enables quick delivery times safely.

Training resources available through the company range from tutorials, guides, and video demonstrations – making it easier for new users to get up and running quickly. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface has multiple integrations with other tools.

EC-Best-Service recognizes its environmental footprint and has implemented various green initiatives, such as joining local recycling programs and encouraging eco-friendly packaging materials that reduce carbon emissions. Furthermore, this global service provider provides localization features to make expanding international presence simpler for businesses.