Steak and Eggs Near Me in New York


Steak and eggs are an easy, quick, protein-rich skillet meal perfect for lunch or dinner! Topped off with flavorful garlic sauce for added deliciousness, this meal makes an unforgettable lunch or dinner experience.

This power breakfast can be found at many NYC restaurants, from acclaimed steakhouses to casual cafes. Some even serve it for brunch!

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse in Midtown Manhattan near Rockefeller Center and Radio City Music Hall boasts an energetic three-story restaurant with grand windows that provide magnificent views of Sixth Avenue. Guests have an unforgettable dining experience through chef-driven cuisine and a world-class wine program. In addition, Del Frisco offers several private dining and reception spaces perfect for special events or business meetings, with dedicated personal dining coordinators ready to assist guests with planning events explicitly suited for them.

The chain’s luxurious interior boasts high ceilings, woody columns, a back-lighted bar seating area, massive art pieces, and an extravagant chandelier. Guests are treated with warm hospitality and menus offering only premium steak and seafood and appetizers, desserts, and cocktails from its extensive menu selection.

Apart from offering signature USDA prime beef and dry-aged wagyu, the restaurant also features an expansive seafood selection, such as cold-water lobster tails and fresh crab cakes. Classic dishes like shrimp cocktail, Caesar salad, meat and potatoes (prepared four ways); shrimp cocktail, Caesar salad, and four forms of meat and potatoes can also be found here. And don’t forget dessert – choose from the delectable Strawberry Romanoff with its decadent combination of strawberries, vanilla, and Grand Marnier or its signature six-layer lemon cake for something sweet to complete the experience!

Even with 16 locations, it remains relatively small compared to its competitors, such as Smith & Wollensky (10), Palm (24), and Ruth’s Chris (75). Yet its size gives them significant purchasing clout for top-quality meat; their upscale restaurants also have an advantage over lower-cost competitors because they only serve USDA prime and higher-grade cuts of beef.

New York City is this chain’s flagship location and offers an identical menu as other locations – though slightly more costly; for example, bone-in ribeye costs $64 here, while it would set you back $76 in Atlanta. But don’t let prices put you off; this steakhouse remains one of the best in town. Furthermore, service is impeccable if you plan to bring clients or dates here, while window seats provide breathtaking city views and atmosphere.

Old John’s Diner

Renovating and modernizing an iconic Upper West Side restaurant can be challenging, but Louis Skibar handled his former employer with care and respect. His reboot at 148 West 67th Street of Old John’s Diner features updated decor, menu items, and brighter space while keeping its signature cozy charm intact.

The diner serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and offers a comfort food-inspired menu with classic comfort food classics such as buttermilk blueberry pancakes and huevos rancheros skillet. Indulge in classics like Fried Morty Egg Sando (fried mortadella with baked egg, pepper jam, and fontina cheese on toasted bread) or make the classic New York Strong platter complete with two eggs any style, choice of meat, home fries, or toast and buttermilk pancakes for lunch and dinner service.

Old John’s has been an essential neighborhood eatery since its opening on Broadway and 66th Street, initially. Following the pandemic outbreak, it moved to 67th Street, where it continued attracting residents, celebrities, and talent from ABC Studios nearby. For one year during 2021-2022, the diner closed but recently reopened with new menu items and some changes in design.

Though Lincoln Center remains mostly unchanged regarding menu offerings, consulting chef Grayson Schmitz and pastry chef Tanya Ngangan have added modern updates. Schmitz introduced some modern touches, while Ngangan added sophisticated flair. Their dessert and baked goods selection has seen some welcome upgrades under Ngangan’s guidance, while their ice cream menu (served either by scoop or milkshake or soda) also boasts new flavors such as roasted banana and salted peanut that make great after-show treats once Lincoln Center opens again.

Old John’s reopening is terrific news for its local community, as it will provide jobs to numerous residents while stimulating the area’s economy. Now accepting reservations and delivery services such as Grubhub, Seamless, DoorDash, and Caviar will soon make delivery convenient; additionally, brunch service will be offered every Sunday morning at this restaurant.


Koloman may have taken two decades to arrive in NYC, but when it finally opened in the former Breslin space at Ace Hotel NoMad last year, it made up for our wait. Chef Markus Glocker (previously of Batard in Soho and Augustine in the Financial District) took French/Austrian fare similar to what would be found at fancy European hotels and gave it a contemporary New York flair with careful ingredient swaps and construction, transforming classic dishes such as salmon en route and steak tartare into something fresh yet familiar yet new and inventively new.

An elegant dining room features plush banquettes, antique mirrors, and a semi-open kitchen. A sleek backlit bar is the focal point of this sophisticated space, featuring plush banquettes, antique mirrors, and a semi-open kitchen. Inspired by turn-of-the-century Austrian artist Koloman Moser (member of Vienna Secession movement alongside Gustav Klimt and other leading modernists such as Picasso), its tight menu dives into classic French and Viennese cuisine with delicious twists; snapper crudo comes alive with spicy citrus notes, while tagliatelle (confit fennel + confit fennel + smoked brook trout + caviar) offers more than its impressively rich texture!

Dessert options at The Blue Elephant include its signature apple strudel, which boasts thin pastry layers filled with flavorful apples that more closely resemble fruit than pie filling. Don’t miss the spaetzle either; its light, buttery rendition of classic dumplings will make you wish it came in more significant portions!

Koloman is easily one of the most coveted tables in town. Its food and atmosphere are irresistible; both were designed by Rishiv Khattar (who also created the maze-like space at Ace Hotel’s Brooklyn outpost) to evoke turn-of-the-century European cafes where socializing and dining often went hand-in-hand. Even if you can’t secure a table here, its brass light fixtures, designed by Moser and produced locally by EHV International, may bring some of its spirit into your home!

Double Yolk

Double-yolk eggs are an ecstatic culinary discovery. They occur when two egg yolks are released into an eggshell too closely and become trapped together, as is often when young chickens or hens nearing the end of their laying cycle remove them too soon after hatching an egg. Although you can sometimes find these special eggs at grocery stores or high-end specialty food shops, double-yolk eggs remain rare.

The double-yolk egg is an auspicious symbol of good fortune and abundance in any form. Whether that be money, employment, or increased love from friends and family – it could also indicate something is finally stepping forward. In Wiccan tradition, it can also mean twin babies are coming!

Not only is a double-yolk egg delicious and nutritious, but it also contains twice the protein and half as much fat as an extra-large egg! Furthermore, its nutritional profile lends itself well to making delicious hollandaise sauce and custard dishes.

Double-yolk eggs can be rare when purchased at a market, though you might occasionally come across one in your carton of eggs. They’re more likely to appear from private sellers or abroad.

Eggs are often seen as symbols of fertility and may portend parenthood or prosperity – whether that means receiving a large sum of money or winning the lottery!

Eggs represent divine spiritual protection against negativity. Eating eggs regularly will protect you against physical and metaphysical harm while aiding recovery from past traumas or losses.

Folklore holds that double-yolk eggs are a sign of good fortune and herald a new beginning, allowing us to trust the universe and hope for what lies ahead. This morning’s surprise double yolk was an encouragement that trust is worth nurturing!