Best Unfollow App For Instagram 2022


This Instagram unfollow app helps you quickly identify inactive users and remove them all at once, with the option of setting up white lists to avoid accidentally unfollowing someone important to you. Furthermore, this program features various helpful tools for managing your account.

This Instagram unfollow app is ideal for those seeking to build their profile organically, though there are some downsides – being available exclusively on Android and coming packed with ads is only one.

Unfollow Users

If you want to use Instagram without ghost followers, an unfollow app may help keep your account free of them. Such applications offer robust tools that simplify Instagram management – they even let users view profiles to learn more about who follows them! They are available both for Android and iOS devices.

AiGrow is an Instagram growth and unfollow app designed to help organically expand your IG page. This web-based tool enables you to track new unfollowers, analyze the health of your profile, perform mass unfollows, and schedule posts ahead of time – it even has free and paid versions available!

Unfollowers & Ghost Followers is one of the most reliable apps available to remove inactive and ghost accounts from your Instagram account, as well as to discover viewers, followers who don’t follow back, mutual followers, and mutual viewers. Its easy user interface makes this an enjoyable experience, while its secure service guarantees maximum safety and support from its dedicated customer support team.

This app is free and boasts an excellent rating on Google Play. However, when mass unfollowing users, you must exercise caution as Instagram may detect this activity as suspicious and suspend your account temporarily. Before using this app, read reviews from other users and read up on how others rate this app before deciding on purchasing or using this software.

Followers Assistant is another handy app that enables you to unfollow inactive easily and ghost followers from Instagram. It detects accounts not following you back and those who never comment on any posts and provides the option for creating white lists to not unfollow any specific users accidentally.

InsTrack is an Instagram unfollower app that automatically sorts and removes inactive or ghost followers from your Instagram page, saving time by quickly unfollowing multiple accounts at once. It is an ideal solution for Instagram beginners looking to grow a strong following on the social network.


This Instagram unfollow app is an invaluable resource that provides comprehensive data and analytics for your account. It identifies inactive or fake accounts that don’t follow back, ghost followers, and new followers; manages Instagram content effectively; discovers optimal times to post; and provides analytics especially beneficial to influencers, allowing them to focus more on producing their content while saving time and energy by eliminating repetitive tasks allowing more time for creativity.

InsTrack is an intuitive app designed to simplify managing Instagram accounts, helping you identify and remove inactive or spam accounts with just one click. The tool is ideal for individuals who do not wish to follow and unfollow followers themselves manually. It offers mass unfollow functionality and advanced Instagram analytics – ideal for saving hours tracking followers manually! Its free use & features,, such as the mass unfollow function plus advanced insights, make InsTrack an indispensable addition.

While Instagram provides an incredible platform for marketing and promotion, maintaining an optimal follower-to-follower ratio on a business account can be challenging. If your followers don’t interact with your content or are disengaged with you as an account holder, they could quickly leave your followership and damage its reputation – this is especially important for companies that rely on Instagram as part of their strategy to raise brand awareness and increase sales.

Discover the top Instagram unfollow apps to quickly remove inactive or fake accounts from your follow list with just a few clicks. These applications aim to maintain an engaged following on Instagram by purging inactive or fake followers from your list and increasing engagement rates on posts while providing helpful features like post schedulers for more efficient management of Instagram accounts.

InsTrack is an Instagram unfollow app used by businesses, social media managers, and influencers alike to manage their accounts on Instagram. It features advanced Instagram analytics and actionable insights for brands, influencers, and businesses – not to mention an easy user interface with apparent navigation features that simplify managing Instagram accounts for all involved parties – from brands and influencers through to solopreneurs and solopreneur businesses alike. InsTrack boasts an excellent user rating, making it ideal for small businesses, influencers, and solopreneurs!

Follower Analyzer

Follower Analyzer is one of the premier Instagram unfollow apps of 2022, providing users with numerous advantages. Its primary function is helping you identify and remove accounts that do not follow back; other features include mass unfollowing multiple Instagram users at once; its user-friendly interface offers helpful tips; its use is entirely safe; you can even schedule one-on-one tutorials with an Instagram manager!

This app stands out from other Instagram tracking and monitoring apps by offering exclusive features, including mutual follower detection and analysis of popular posts to identify the optimal times to post. In addition, its “smart feed” keeps an eye on when your followers are most active – you can also whitelist favorite followers so they don’t get unfollowed as quickly!

Another fantastic feature of this app is that it helps you clean up your Instagram account by identifying ghost followers and unfollowers, finding top likers, and tracking photo popularity – an indispensable feature for any influencer who is also free! This must-have is essential for maximizing exposure on Instagram – plus it’s free!

This app boasts an excellent rating on both Google Play and iOS devices and offers easy navigation for quick use. It will reveal inactive followers and any accounts not following back, help remove spam accounts, schedule posts in advance, help with spam removal, and provide other analytics like user engagement and trends analysis.

This app is free to download but includes advertisements. To operate correctly, it needs a small amount of data as well. In addition, they offer premium features, including advanced statistics and analytics on Instagram. In terms of convenience, this app works on any device and can be accessed anywhere, allowing for easy management of Instagram from any location.

Spam Guard

Spamguard is an intuitive app designed to help Instagram account holders remove ghost followers and block spam accounts. Additionally, this service offers comprehensive analytics of your following, such as mutual followers. Furthermore, users who have unfollowed you or removed likes from posts are easily unfollowed, while features are easy to use – plus, all these services come free.

Followers Track is another top unfollow app on Instagram, offering essential data about your followers. It identifies new ones, notifies those who blocked you, and highlights who doesn’t follow back; all crucial pieces of knowledge for expanding and increasing engagement on Instagram. Plus, it has an intuitive interface – though its ads could prove distracting!

Followers Insight is another popular app that claims to be the best Instagram application for tracking followers. It provides various tools that allow users to monitor their following, such as comparing posts and followers and finding optimal posting times. In addition, there’s even a premium version that gives more detailed reports.

It is our final recommended Instagram unfollow app, offering all-in-one marketing solutions for Instagram. They advertise themselves as growth services, ranging from growing followers and finding ideal target audiences for content to offering packages to cover every need.

This app claims to be one of the safest Instagram unfollow apps due to using professional managers to handle your account, thereby eliminating the risk of violating Instagram’s daily limit and being shadowbanned. Furthermore, its tools include mass delete capabilities, and bulk unfollow and unfollow functionality – though some users have complained of difficult-to-close ad popups and increased battery drain due to using it too often.