Bend App Review


Bend is an excellent app for those seeking to increase their flexibility and mobility. Offering personalized stretching routines, pre and post-workout stretches, and exercises to strengthen muscles – Bend helps its users feel looser and more capable of moving freely.

Although it may have limitations – including an annual subscription fee and lack of video tutorials – it still warrants exploration.

Easy to use

Bend is an excellent app for those seeking to increase flexibility and move more quickly. It provides personalized stretching routines, stretching before and after workouts, strength training exercises, and an integrated calendar – though note that a subscription is required.

This app is available on iOS and Android, enabling users to customize their workout by selecting over 1,000 stretches and isometric exercises from an extensive library. They can even add their margins with timers set to track progress. In addition, the app offers pre-designed stretching routines like “Wake Up,” “Posture Reset,” and “Full Body.”

Bend is an easy-to-use mobile stretching app designed to build flexibility and mobility while keeping joints healthy and happy. The customizable workouts offered through Bend are explicitly tailored to you based on experience level, goals, and focus – perfect for all age groups but especially useful for athletes who need to improve performance in sports or work environments.

Bowery Digital of New York City created this app and launched it in 2021, taking an innovative approach to making stretching part of everyday life. It offers an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly interface that’s simple yet sophisticated at guiding users to proper stretching exercises and stretching movements – including instructions that teach how to perform them correctly – making this an excellent solution for beginners or people with limited time for yoga and fitness exercises.

Users have reported some reservations with Bend. Some users have noted that the app doesn’t include videos showing users how to perform each stretch properly, while others were unhappy about its price point. Overall, though, most found it practical and easy to use.

Bend first joined Kovalee as an upstart app in 2021 with great promise; its core value is making stretching part of everyone’s daily routine. Coupled with intelligent user acquisition strategies and consistent pricing policies, this propelled its rapid expansion.


Bend is a stretching app designed to improve flexibility and movement. Users can create personalized routines to stretch before and after workouts and strengthen muscles through exercises. Bend’s interface makes use easy, while its detailed instructions guide users through each stretch – though a subscription is required to unlock all features.

The app’s pre-designed routines include “Wake Up,” “Posture Reset,” “Full Body,” and “Sleep,” all targeted toward specific goals or body areas. Users can also create customized routines using its intuitive interface, custom illustrations, and built-in timer. Each stretch provides optimal benefits that users can leverage when stretching.

It can be an invaluable aid for people with injuries or physical limitations, providing stretching and exercise programs designed to strengthen weaker muscles in your lower back, neck, hips, and shoulders and helping prevent injuries during strenuous activities like running weightlifting, and sports. In addition, its app features warm-up and cool-down exercises.

Bend has received many positive reviews from satisfied users. Unfortunately, some may be dissatisfied with its lack of a trial period to access all features and content; other users are concerned with its paid subscription plan and absence of video tutorials.

Bend joined Kovalee as an early-stage company with the mission of making stretching part of everyday life. Within just one year, their app reached one of the top 10 fitness apps on both the App Store and Google Play, thanks to the successful implementation of innovative growth strategies and user acquisition tactics.

Bend stands out with its customizable routines, the ability to monitor progress over time, and stretching and yoga poses suitable for all ages. Unfortunately, however, the app lacks videos or music accompanying its stretching routines, which some may find disappointing. Furthermore, some features require a subscription to unlock them – including creating personalized habits.

Suitable for all age groups

Bend is a mobile application developed by NYC-based Bowery Digital that makes adding stretching routines into daily life simple. Users can select one of several pre-designed stretching routines – Wake Up, Posture Reset, or Full Body – or create a personalized one tailored to meet personal goals and needs. Minimalistic illustrations guide users through each stretch with timer reminders, while progress tracking allows users to build up a streak of stretching sessions.

Bend’s Stretch app offers personalized stretching routines and includes pre and post-workout stretches and exercises designed to strengthen muscles. This app can prevent injuries at work or the gym and improve performance at both. Unfortunately, some features of this app require a subscription to unlock. However, users have complained about paid subscription plans without free trial periods to access all features and content provided in Bend.

Bend can help improve flexibility and mobility, but it has some drawbacks. Its visual illustration-only approach to stretching may disappoint those who prefer video workouts and tutorials; additionally, the app does not offer audio guidance when performing its stretches, making it difficult for beginners or those unfamiliar with proper form to follow.

Bend has received many positive reviews from satisfied users. Many rave about how effective its stretching routines are and feel looser and more flexible after using it, while others appreciate how easy and flexible the app is to use. On the downside, however, some users have complained about paying subscription plans, lack of free trials for all features/content, and absence of audio guidance (though these issues can easily be remedied by setting your settings according to your preferences).

Integration with Apple Health

Bend is a comprehensive stretching app with an extensive library of stretches targeting various muscle groups and areas of the body. Users can tailor their routines according to specific goals or available time, making the stretching experience truly customized to each user and fitness level for optimum flexibility and mobility.

Bend’s intuitive interface makes it easy to explore various stretches and poses. Furthermore, this app provides instructional videos demonstrating proper form and technique to reduce injury risk. In addition, Bend offers a streak feature that encourages users to stretch daily and thus improve fitness over time.

The Bend App also integrates with Apple Health, providing a holistic overview of your overall health. It tracks data related to movements, sleep, and heart rate as well as weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose levels as well as activity levels over a specific timeframe (flights of stairs climbed and steps taken). While Apple Health can help keep track of health and fitness activities, it can also be overwhelming if you’re new to fitness!

Downloading is free; however, some features, such as personalized stretching routines and exercises to strengthen muscles, cost money. In addition, audio guidance for stretching may be a drawback for some individuals.

One of the most outstanding features of the Apple Health app is its seamless connectivity between other apps and devices in its ecosystem, making it easy to track activities and progress in one central place. You can create your own individualized fitness goals ranging from improving sleep quality to tracking exercise activity – these goals will automatically sync to your phone so you can check them anytime you’d like! You can even share health data with family members.