Albertville City School District Staff Directory


Albertville City School District oversees seven public schools that collectively provide education to 5,956 students, placing this district amongst Alabama’s bottom 50% for math and reading proficiency.

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Assistant Principals

Albertville City School District staffers who hold the position of assistant principal include principals from elementary and middle schools as well as its director of special education. These staff members oversee academic performance while making sure students receive proper education and perform administrative duties.

District assistant principals bring an array of experiences and are typically selected from within their local communities. Highly trained in various teaching methods and technologies, including those specific to each child. Their goal is to meet each child’s learning needs with tailored teaching.

Cynthia McCain has been teaching for 20 years and serving as an assistant principal for three. She earned both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Educational Leadership from the University of Alabama before being appointed Albertville Elementary School assistant principal in 2015. As part of her responsibilities as assistant principal at Albertville, Cynthia works with teachers, parents, and learners on professional development initiatives while offering additional support to our most vulnerable learners.

Dr. Bart Reeves began his first day at Albertville City School District as its new superintendent on Monday, previously serving as Guntersville City Schools superintendent and Jackson County and Satsuma City schools, respectively.

He describes his first day on the job like any other student would: taking an elementary school bus route, visiting the morning carline, and connecting with students and teachers before attending a junior varsity volleyball game in the evening.

Albertville City Board Educatn has an average annual salary of $41,821. Employees stay with the company on average for 5.6 years 72% are female, and 28% are male employees.

Special Education Teachers

District 885’s Special Education Department boasts highly qualified teachers trained to deliver quality educational experiences to students with special needs. Staff is committed to helping all students reach success through positive reinforcement and motivation and has adopted a comprehensive policy of providing free public education for eligible children – including children with disabilities or English language learners – whose eligibility meets specific requirements. Their mission is to foster an environment in which each child can reach his or her full potential by developing lifelong learning skills that encourage positive attitudes and promote self-worth.

Albertville City Board of Education boasts an annual revenue of $1.5M and employs 100 workers – both full-time and part-time workers – across full-time and part-time positions, predominantly female and with an average age of 38.

Albertville, Alabama’s Albertville School District serves an estimated 3,000 students through three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Our teachers come from diverse backgrounds and strive to ensure each of their students finds success while working closely with parents and community partners to provide access to an excellent education experience.

This elementary school currently enrolls 891 students, and its population has remained relatively flat over time. It has an enrollment diversity score of 0.57 compared to an average state score of 0.52.

Teachers at this school boast impressive experience, with an average of 14 years of professional experience in their fields of expertise. Most have at least earned a bachelor’s degree, and many hold master’s degrees as well.

These high schools have made an outstanding showing on the college readiness scale, earning high ratings from both GreatSchools for academic performance and equity measures. Their scores on state-required tests exceeded the average, as did their percentage of students taking Advanced Placement classes – giving their students greater access to college life opportunities.

Substitute Teachers

Albertville City School District offers various substitute teaching positions that offer full or part-time employment options, whether full-time or part-time work is your goal. All posts require punctuality, professional attire at all times, and following school procedures and rules – more details on these positions can be found by visiting their website – making Albertville a fantastic place to work and offering competitive pay. Before applying as a substitute teacher, be sure to talk with the principal at your desired school!

Substitute teachers can be an invaluable asset in your classroom. They can cover unexpected absences or provide extra attention for those students in need of additional assistance. Depending on your district, substitute teachers may also need to attend training or workshops on best practices that may be provided by either school administration or union officials.

To become an adequate substitute, you’ll require both a bachelor’s degree and a valid teaching license, in addition to being familiar with your school’s curriculum and policies. Many states also impose additional requirements, such as criminal background checks or fingerprinting clearance; additionally, some require substitute teachers to be certified by their state’s education department.

Substitute teachers typically earn an annual average salary of $30,400; this amount can change based on how often and where you teach. When considering relocation options in Albertville, the cost of living must be considered first before making your choice.

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School counselors help students address an array of issues, from emotion management and friendship concerns, making wise choices and grieving, as well as academic success through study and organizational skills, to emotional health therapist referrals for further help. Counselors meet individually with students as well as leading small-group sessions on various topics referred by teachers & school staff, parents, or the students themselves; any student wishing to meet regularly must obtain parental permission first.

Albertville, Alabama-based RCS International employs 100 people and generates annual revenues of $1.5M.

Albertville City Board Education employees typically make an average annual salary of $41,821. On average, employees at Albertville City Board Education remain with the company for an average duration of 5.6 years.

Albertville City School District is a public education organization consisting of one high school. This institution boasts an above-average college readiness rating but falls short of attaining top status, as judged by GreatSchools, which evaluates schools based on academic performance and other metrics.

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Albertville Elementary School District is a public elementary school located at 1100 Horton Road in Albertville, Alabama 35950, and provides elementary grades PK-2 education. In its inaugural meeting under new superintendent Boyd English’s watch – during his inaugural official meeting as superintendent on April 18, English requested both a work retreat on June 1st as well as a called meeting at noon on June 2nd to discuss system’s reorganization plans; English was previously superintendent at Satsuma City Schools and Jackson County Schools before replacing Lee Fleming who resigned on January 14.