How Many Years Between 1974 and 2021?


Between 1974 and 2021 is 49 years. Calculating your age in years is straightforward if you know both your current age and subtract 49 from 1974.

Research at the National Archives reveals many intriguing and amusing details of Britain in 1974, such as two general elections, factory raids, and IRA bombings.

Year 1: 1974

1974 (MCMLXXIV) was a typical year starting on Tuesday of the Gregorian Calendar and marked 74 years since 1900 and 5 years of the 1970s decade.

In the United States, the Watergate scandal dominated politics; Golda Meir resigned after the Yom Kippur War due to this conflict; Willy Brandt had to leave due to an espionage scandal, while Hans-Dietrich Genscher succeeded him as chancellor of Germany.

Pop culture saw iconic TV shows such as Happy Days and Little House on the Prairie debut, while The Rumble in the Jungle marked a significant turning point in boxing. Scientists made progress connecting human brains to computers, which was later used for treating epilepsy. People born during this year are strong, courageous, independent individuals who usually keep their word and tend to follow through on agreements they make; they may sometimes appear arrogant but are generally fair-minded and generous people.

Year 2: 1975

1975 was a year dominated by scandal and investigations into America’s intelligence services, predating current media and congressional oversight efforts by decades.

People born in the Year of the Rabbit tend to be ambitious and adept at making money. Although they can become jealous of colleagues at times, this can be overcome through hard work and patience.

Mercury rules the 1975 year of the Rabbit, making this year an auspicious one for these individuals, promising success in both professional and romantic endeavors. Their careers will blossom thanks to investments and real estate purchases; wealth can also be made through investments. They should try avoiding unnecessary expenditures and saving as much as possible to reach financial independence more quickly. Furthermore, romance will flourish when they find suitable partners, leading them towards happy marriages.

Year 3: 1976

The year 1976 marked an important event both domestically and globally, as President Jimmy Carter defeated incumbent president Gerald Ford to become the first Democratic president since Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1936. It also marks the time when the Lutz family fled their home in Amityville, New York, which inspired both The Amityville Horror book and movie. Furthermore, Generation X officially emerged – this group comprises those born between 1965 and 1980 and follows Baby Boomers but precedes Millennials.

Utilize this website to quickly pinpoint any date in 1976, such as week number and day. Alternatively, view the entire calendar or just the current month, plus download a printable 1976 calendar.

Year 4: 1977

Episode one of this series chronicling America’s change over time explores 1977 as an indicator year: Jimmy Carter was elected President; the Trans-Alaska pipeline began delivering oil; the original Star Wars movie was released; Grace Jones rose to disco queendom…and Grace Jones joined her sister Diana as disco queens!

Domestically, President Carter’s Administration made an impressive debut, yet significant issues such as SALT-II negotiations and Middle East peace were left to be dealt with later in 1978.

Career-wise, people born in the Year of the Snake could achieve great success. It is wise to keep a sharp eye out for any tricks played by their competitors; expect leaders in your workplace who achieve more results than ever before.

Year 5: 1978

1978 saw numerous notable events take place. For example, Larry Flynt, founder of Hustler Magazine, was shot and paralyzed while authorities arrested serial killer Ted Bundy. The Welsh rugby team won the Grand Slam at the 84th Five Nations Championship, with PW Botha becoming Prime Minister. Additionally, the movie Grease and the television series Superman were both released, as well as Deer Hunter Midnight Express Animal House.

People born under the Chinese zodiac sign of Horse in 1978 tend to be optimistic, responsible, and helpful individuals. Although often stubborn and independent in their approach, these personalities make great team players when working alongside others. Unfortunately, however, these types of individuals often complain of unhappiness, which should motivate them to change and strive to become happier people themselves. These personalities also tend to form close bonds with those who share similar characteristics – often making fast decisions when faced with difficulty.

Year 6: 1979

1979 marked a historic year that forever altered relations between the US and the Middle East, from Saddam Hussein’s rise to power in Iraq to Mecca being under siege by Saudi forces. Military historian and expert Brian Steed will share stories behind this eventful period.

1979 saw some iconic music releases like Pink Floyd’s The Wall, Neil Young’s Rust Never Sleeps and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ Damn the Torpedoes; Off the Wall by Michael Jackson, Tusk by Fleetwood Mac; and Cheap Trick’s At Budokan – to name but a few. All will be covered in this week’s episode! Make sure to tune in! You won’t regret it!

Year 7: 1980

At the dawn of the 1980s, no one could predict its true nature. We began the decade with John Lennon being murdered in New York City; Post-It Notes became mainstream; Alton Towers resort opened in Staffordshire; and Rubik’s Cube made its first sale at a British Toy and Hobby Fair at Earl’s Court, London.

November 4 – Ronald Reagan defeated Democratic President Jimmy Carter in the U.S. presidential election, and six Provisional Irish Republican Army prisoners from Maze Prison in Northern Ireland launched a hunger strike, lasting until December.

Music was shifting, too; punk and New Wave gave way to synth-pop, goth, two-tone ska, and even metal music genres. If you went into a record store with just enough money for one album purchase in 1980, deciding between all of the great albums would have been difficult! New albums seemed to appear every other week or so!

Year 8: 1981

1981 was marked by many major news events that captured people’s imaginations, such as the discovery of the Aids virus, the end of the Iran Hostage Crisis, and the arrest of Yorkshire Ripper. Other stories included the first London Marathon running event as well as Prince getting engaged and married.

Year 8 marks the final year of Middle school (or First Year Secondary School in England) and corresponds with Grade 7 in America and Canada.

1981 was also notable for two other milestones: production of the DeLorean automobile with its distinctive stainless steel body and gull-wing doors began, and Wayne Gretzky scored the 50th NHL goal of the year. To learn more about what happened during 1981, our selection of newspapers from that era can help. We can also see which songs were number 1 and what their respective Chinese zodiac signs were that year.

Year 9: 1982

Year 9 marks the tenth or eleventh year of compulsory education, typically for students aged 13-15, depending on the country of their birth.

1982 marked an unforgettable year in movie history. Jaws became the highest-grossing film until E.T. dethroned it a few months later.

This year marked the height of Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert’s tennis rivalry and the retirement of Bjorn Borg, along with Sony releasing its first commercially available CD player and Time magazine honoring the personal computer as their Person of the Year, an accolade soon eclipsed by internet use. Music also saw significant release this year, with Michael Jackson releasing his Thriller album — his only #1 in America at that point — while an intense cold snap spread throughout much of North America.

Year 10: 1983

1983 was an extraordinary year, marked by massive change on an international scale. Kilauea in Hawaii began erupting, the IRA terrorized England, and over a million people marched against nuclear cruise missiles owned by America and Russia. Meanwhile, technology advanced at unprecedented speed: CD players became household items while ARPANET began transitioning to TCP/IP internet connectivity for the first time.

On a lighter note, pop music was in full bloom! Thriller still dominated the charts, and Michael Jackson was at his peak performance level; Madonna began venturing outside her comfort zone. We even witnessed Mickey Mouse making an appearance in M*A*S*H’s original version! That was pretty awesome.