How Driveway Resurfacing Companies Can Enhance the Curb Appeal of Your Home


Your driveway is an essential element of your home, adding both curb appeal and increasing its attractiveness to potential buyers. Choose the best Asphalt Paving Contractors in Santa Rosa.

Depending on the severity of damage to your asphalt surface, professional resurfacing contractors could be an ideal way to give it new life without incurring significant replacement costs. Resurfacing can provide your driveway with an updated appearance while saving money over replacing it altogether.


Concrete is a highly resilient construction material, yet even it can develop cracks over time. While cosmetic in nature, cracks may indicate more significant structural issues within your driveway surface or soil underneath. Cracked areas can be repaired using resurfacing products or concrete fillers; however, it is essential to identify what caused these issues prior to beginning repairs.

Crazing, also known as fine surface cracks, occurs when concrete dries too quickly after it is laid. While these fine surface cracks do not indicate major issues for the driveway structure, they should be patched with an elastomeric concrete filler that keeps water at bay.

Large cracks across a driveway typically result from asphalt shrinkage or ripple effect from existing cracks and can be repaired using a flexible concrete crack sealant such as Quikrete’s Advanced Polymer Concrete Crack Sealant. However, thorough cleaning must be conducted before applying it, and pressure washing of the entire surface should take place before sealing up these larger-sized rifts.

Fatigue cracks resembling alligator skin are caused by vehicle weight and improper driveway installation. These cracks can be filled using either flex-based products or by chiseling the crack and applying masonry crack filler prior to sealing them with sealants.


Asphalt driveways are popular choices, but concrete may also work. Concrete can last longer but will need more care. It is key to work with a professional to determine what material best suits your driveway.

Potholes in your driveway can be an unsightly and challenging nuisance. They damage vehicles, make driving difficult, and impede safe travel. To prevent potholes from reoccurring, it is best to repair them as soon as they appear using a cold patch – an emergency repair solution suitable for asphalt that works in all temperatures to fill holes quickly while preventing further damage but without providing long-term solutions.

As soon as a pothole appears, you should remove any dirt or debris stuck inside. This will allow the new asphalt to adhere better. Next, heat the pothole to remove any extra moisture and soften its edges before filling and reshaping with asphalt reshaped and compacted to reduce water penetration and increase durability.

Compaction can be achieved using a tamper or driving over the surface multiple times, as well as by cutting edges straight with a shovel and straightening them out. Once repaired, however, sealing it off to prevent further damage is imperative to maintaining your repairs and keeping everyone safe.


A clean and well-kept driveway adds curb appeal and value to any home. No matter whether it is made from concrete, asphalt, gravel stone, or resin-bound materials, regular cleaning and resurfacing will keep it looking its best. Regular maintenance also helps reduce weeds and stains. Furthermore, an installed drainage control system can minimize erosion while helping prevent water buildup; further aesthetic enhancements include adding stepping stones or pathways as an inviting touch outside your home and decorative borders that provide a natural transition between the driveway and surrounding landscaping; placing artistic sculptures or statues strategically can create focal points as focal points within your landscaping can also improve its appearance.

Many homeowners opt to resurface their driveways to enhance their appearance or increase property values, often using different materials to make the surface stand out more. Recyclable materials or permeable resurfacing options might make an environmentally conscious driveway stand out, while others use natural elements like stone chips and gravel in their resurfacing processes.

One of the most effective ways to upgrade a tarmac driveway is stamping patterns into its new layer of material. A stamp pattern can create the appearance of brick, stone, or wood for an aesthetically pleasing, custom look; adding color pigments allows even greater variety in style and appearance.


Over time, the wear and tear caused by driving can degrade the durability of a driveway, especially in regions that experience frequent freeze-thaw cycles that can lead to cracking in various materials (including asphalt). When left unrepaired, these cracks may form potholes, which pose risks to drivers as well as pedestrians.

Driveway resurfacing can be an excellent way to increase its durability while remaining cost-effective. Resurfacing involves placing a layer of asphalt over existing pavement, covering any damage while making your driveway appear brand new. It is more effective than patching, which only temporarily patches cracks.

Concrete driveways offer more durability and design possibilities than asphalt, with driveway pavers using colored and textured concrete to craft unique looks for each property. Driveway pavers can create driveway designs to complement and add curb appeal to your home.

An attractive driveway can add value and reduce maintenance expenses for your property, so resurfacing should be scheduled every three to five years to maintain its durability. Resurfacing can fill in cracks, smooth out surfaces, protect concrete from water ingress and sunlight exposure, and offer the best chance of keeping up with everyday wear and tear.