Gamer Fiction


These books are ideal for gamers interested in MMORPG, first-person shooter, and survival horror games.

Reyna is immersed in an immersive gaming world; pro esports gamers have become celebrities while kids start training from an early age.

Gabrielle Zevin’s novel follows two best friends as they work to develop a video game together, experiencing both lows and highs during this journey.

The Lady and the Video Game

The Lady is a 2D surreal puzzle horror game that follows its titular character through an uncomfortable life filled with fever dream hallucinations, anxiety, and depression. Hand-drawn visuals and an unnerving soundtrack create fear and confusion for players as they seek progress through The Lady’s world.

This title is undoubtedly among the more emotional gaming fiction works we have encountered and may not be suitable for everyone, yet it is certainly worth checking out as a compelling and original examination of mental illness through video gaming.

A boy struggles to master his favorite video game to impress his crush in this young adult novel that explores themes of friendship, sex, and adolescence in the gaming community.

This young adult graphic novel follows a teenager as they explore professional video gaming while also maintaining her relationships with real friends and her online eSports team. Ideal for readers interested in the worlds of both gaming and social media.

The Gamer’s Clubhouse

Gaming fiction is an entertaining way for gamers to start reading. These books cover every gaming aspect while remaining enjoyable for readers of any age. Some novels are even focused on video game culture! Others may appeal more traditionally, catering to readers across generations.

This engaging story for gamers of all ages follows five friends as they become trapped inside their favorite video game and must work together to escape it and return to reality. This book is full of adventure, danger, and romance and is perfect for any avid gamer!

This young adult book strikes the perfect balance between reality and gaming. Emilia is an enthusiastic field hockey player at school who moonlights as one of the only female members of an elite eSports team. While trying to balance her two worlds, she meets with an old rival who wants to compete in this tournament.

This unconventional and humorous book blends science fiction with gaming in an engaging read that will appeal to both gamers and sci-fi readers alike. Written from the point of view of a game designer, this novel examines his ideas about designing an uncheatable game. A hilarious and insightful look into gaming and the afterlife from Mark Twain makes this must-read material for any reader interested in this topic.

The Gamer’s Secret

Two video game enthusiasts join forces at a children’s hospital where she receives chemotherapy treatments and starts designing a virtual world together. A compelling read for tweens and teens alike, this story traces digital entertainment’s roots with intelligence and enjoyment in mind.

This book opens readers up to an exciting world: gaming. The author takes us behind the scenes for an insider view into arcade and console game development and computer and online gaming, giving readers an appreciation of all that goes into creating successful video games.

This middle-grade novel centers around Jaden, an avid player of Cross Ups who must keep his passion hidden from his mother and schoolmates due to their discomfort over it being inappropriate for him. One day, though, an incredible match leads him into national championships, where his mom finds out. Unfortunately, real life and its problems interfere with gaming sessions, yet one last win might allow Jaden to show that his gaming talents are legitimate.

The Gamer’s Dream

A young girl finds herself immersed in her favorite video game, where she encounters an unlikely friend and must fight to save both. Simple text with colorful cartoons and pixelated graphics makes this book accessible to gamers of all ages.

Poor teens barely make ends meet by playing combat scout in virtual reality games until their avatar is summoned into war against the planet’s diminishing resources, where choices don’t always seem clear-cut. This YA novel explores ethics and morality while entertaining readers through an exciting tale.

Emilia is an accomplished field hockey player in school and moonlights as the sole female member of her highly competitive eSports team. When she’s invited to participate in an international tournament, her teammates must band together in support of helping her compete effectively despite personal struggles getting in her way.

Gaming fans will delight in Mike Lowery’s hilarious series featuring historical facts that combine intrigue and comedy in this thrilling journey.