Game Ships and Sailors


Ships and Sailors is an exciting team-building game designed to challenge large groups. It can be played outdoors or in large indoor spaces such as gyms or basketball courts; one caller issues commands, and players must abide by them without breaking them before being told: “At ease.” Anyone violating orders before this occurs is out immediately and cannot rejoin.


Ships and Sailors is an engaging game suitable for groups of kids to play together. As an elimination-style game that works best in large spaces, it serves as an icebreaker or warm-up activity while simultaneously developing teamwork and listening skills – perfect for Vacation Bible School (VBS), camp, or youth group settings.

For this game, one player acts as captain while all others form the crew. When calling out commands such as ‘starboard-south”, the team must head left, while when told “ships,” they should turn right.

Other commands may include “crows nest,” where players act out climbing up to the crows’ nest of the ship mast; “Swab the Deck,” where players act like they’re mopping its deck; and ‘Shark Attack,” where players lie on their stomachs with knees kicked out to look like sharks. If any crewmember fails to comply with the Captain’s orders, they are eliminated from the game; any person remaining is declared the winner of this challenge!


Ships and Sailors is an exciting group elimination game. One player acts as captain, calling out orders that the other players must follow to remain in the game; any violation of these commands results in immediate elimination from play.

Sloops are some of the most distinctive ships in the game, boasting both cannons and crew, which fall short in terms of cannon power, yet their small size enables them to outmaneuver larger combat vessels easily, making them popular with many captains.

This game has various variations, yet its basic rules remain the same. A caller must issue one of several commands – Captain’s Coming! for all players to face the captain and assume salute positions until told “At ease.” If anyone laughs or breaks from this position, they are out. “To the Ship! “Point North!,” Sailors Eating! and Shark Attack” may also be called out by the caller as separate commands to try to tag players out of play.


At present, video games offer many different methods of travel – cars and planes, boats and helicopters are just some of the options available to players; sailing has also become increasingly popular – Ubisoft Skull and Bones offers epic sailing romps, for example!

When sailing into water containing partially sunken wrecked ships, treat their spaces as reefs but do not take damage from them. When entering another’s space, they engage in normal combat – though their captains or any major NPCs on both vessels fight as though facing each other directly).

As with creatures, most ships possess AC and hit points (hp). Their base AC equals their Constitution modifier. Their hit point count depends on their primary construction material (15 hit points per 5-foot square for wooden ships), then modified by their Wisdom modifier. A boat with no or insufficient hit points suffers the sinking condition.


The game offers a comprehensive array of activities to replicate life on the high seas. Players may encounter pirates, establish trade agreements, explore seven seas, or embark on land expeditions. Each activity provides a distinct gameplay experience; some even customize ships and crew.

As players move their fleet between ports, they can customize routes based on economic gains, historical research, and ancient epigraphic and literary sources that appear as pop-up windows when ships approach specific ports. This brings closer cultural realities of knowledge building aboard ships as decisions were often made without access to satellite maps or modern data analytics.

The captain serves as the prominent game leader and issues commands to his or her sailors, who then must follow them, just like Simon Says. Additionally, they can initiate boarding battles and duels between opposing ships that involve automatic action sequences similar to rock paper scissors.


Ships and Sailors is an enjoyable teamwork-based game perfect for camping trips and family get-togethers, ideally played outside on a large field or basketball court. Kids will have great fun while also developing motor skills!

Trash Sailors allows players to navigate a path across zones on a hexagonal map and discover rewards or dangers at will, prioritizing what risks should be tackled first and putting forth strategies with their partners to overcome any potential pitfalls they encounter.

Once a ship enters a port’s area of influence, pop-up information shows financial and cultural gains and possible risks, such as piracy or storms, based on ancient historical, epigraphic, and literary sources.