Game Invades World


As reality and video gaming become entwined, an epic adventure begins. This manhua features riveting action and captivating storytelling to keep readers on the edge!

Earth has fallen under the control of an unknown game, leading to drastic ecological shifts and drastic ecological disruption. A giant 10,000-meter-tall sky tree and 50 km wide pit have appeared along its coasts while monsters began roaming freely, causing humankind great hardship – yet eventually, a new breed of gamers emerged that can combat monsters while leveling up.


A video game consumes the world, blurring the line between reality and virtuality. Ecosystems undergo drastic shifts as 10,000-meter-tall sky trees emerge near coastal towns while 50 km wide pits emerge in its center; various monsters also appear, causing great suffering and chaos to mankind.

Within this turmoil, an army of gamers emerges. They can battle monsters, level up, and unlock new abilities as they fight for survival in this new world. Through their struggle, they unlock its mysteries.

Null Sector has already conquered Paris, while U.S. Army defenders of Cascade Falls regroup to meet the Soviet advance in Seattle. But before they can do so, mercenary Winston calls out for reinforcements; Overwatch player Lucio quickly volunteers as one. They had once been teammates during their time at Overwatch Academy together.


This manga takes place in a futuristic world in which Earth has been invaded by characters from a virtual game, providing readers with an action-packed plot and captivating battles that will keep them gripped throughout. Perfect for anyone interested in both video games and fantasy.

An invasion is characterized by fierce battles between human players and enemy creatures armed with powerful weapons and equipment, known as invaders. All levels can participate in these battles as they fight their way across an imaginary map – plus, there are regular dungeons and raids where teams compete against one another!

Major cities like New York City were destroyed during the invasion, while Skitters and Mechs overtook other areas. Tom Mason successfully ended it all when he used the Dornia weapon against Queen Espheni, thus infecting her bloodstream with the virus that eventually proved fatal for her life.

When dealing with invaders, various tactics and strategies are available against them. One effective tactic is separating them from their host group and attacking each one individually until you have destroyed all. Doing this will prevent healing. After being defeated, defeated invaders drop a Rune Arc, Furlcalling Finger Remedy, Festering Bloody Fingers usable item drops, as well as six Festering Bloody Fingers functional item drops; you may encounter these invaders near the blood-filled lake in Mohgwyn Palace underground region northwest of Palace Approach Ledge-Road site of grace.


Game Invades World occurs when Earth becomes consumed by a virtual game and transformed into an unsettling new reality, filled with an environment altered and overrun with monsters that threaten humanity’s survival. But gaming enthusiasts rise to meet this threat, possessing skills to level up quickly while fighting monsters; perhaps these gamers hold the key to saving humanity.

Game Invades World features stunning artwork that enthralls readers, with an irresistibly captivating plot line to keep readers at the edge of their seats. A must-read for fans of action, adventure, fantasy, and gaming!

PA_1177, an impressive mosaic by French street artist Invader, stands out among game invades works. Featuring characters from Space Invaders in bold colors, PA_1177 was sold at Sotheby’s Hong Kong during their auction event Curated: Turn It Up on December 8th, 2017, for $65,052.

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Release Date

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The Earth has been overwhelmed by an overwhelming virtual game, leading to drastic environmental changes and drastic transformation. A massive 10,000-meter sky tree appears on the coast while a 50 km wide pit forms at its core; also appearing is an array of monsters that cause severe destruction; but luckily, a new breed of gamers rises against these threats with powerful abilities to not only battle but level up and unlock unique abilities.

This captivating manga combines action, adventure, fantasy, and gaming into one compelling reading experience. Featuring dynamic characters and exciting battles – along with a fascinating narrative – that will keep readers on the edge of their seats – you can read this engaging manhua online at MANHWATOP, an anime, manga, manhua, and video game fan site dedicated solely to manga readers.