Covington Savings and Loan Internet Banking


Covington Savings and Loan Internet Banking allows you to easily monitor your accounts, transfer money between accounts, make loan payments online, retrieve electronic statements, and get safe deposit boxes and cashier’s checks.

Banks will never ask for personal data such as account numbers or passwords via email – this feature protects from phishing attempts.

Access to Your Accounts

The Internet Banking System utilizes industry-approved security technologies to protect both our Bank and our customer, you. These include password-controlled system entry, Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security protocols to encrypt data, and a router equipped with firewall software that regulates the inflow/outflow of server traffic.

When you access our Internet Banking service, a multifactor authentication method recognizes you as an authorized user by verifying various identifying details. When signing in for the first time, a multifactor authentication process asks you to select an image and create a personal description only you know about, which will appear whenever you log in – something only you will know!

Bank of America will never request sensitive personal data such as account numbers, passwords, Access IDs, or Social Security numbers through email. Should such requests arise, please notify us immediately so we may take the necessary measures to respond accordingly.

Transfer Money

Covington Savings and Loan Internet Banking makes managing your money convenient with easy transfers between accounts, payments for loans or mortgages, retrieving statements, and more. Plus, you can even send money directly to friends and family! Multifactor authentication protects account information by showing an image and asking a series of questions upon login to verify you’ve reached the official Internet Banking website before allowing password entry – helping prevent phishing, spoofing, and keylogging while also registering the computer that logs you in, so no unauthorized person gains access.

Make Payments

Covington Savings and Loan Internet banking allows customers to make payments for loans, credit cards, and other financial products through an online system. They can also access account information, transfer funds between accounts, view statements, and print statements from anywhere. Products include savings accounts such as savings checking money market retirement as well as signature loan services (home equity construction auto as well as commercial line). It offers safe-deposit boxes, cashier’s checks, money orders, ATM cards, notary public, and night deposit services. Plus, customer service representatives are available via phone or email for customer service needs.

The bank’s online banking system safeguards customers by using challenge questions and answers, registering the computer from which users log in, and verifying identity with an image selected by customers. They are then required to enter a password each time they access their accounts to prevent anyone else from guessing the correct answers and accessing their account without authorization.

View Account History

Accessing account history is a crucial feature of online banking services provided by banks or financial institutions. An account history offers a chronological listing of all of your account’s transactions that have taken place, both posted ones that your bank has processed and un-posted ones that remain pending; additionally, each transaction’s balance after each one can also be found here.

An account history page displays transactions from all your accounts, such as savings and loans, starting with the oldest ones and moving toward more recent ones. Use left and right buttons to navigate between periods, exploring transactions that occurred nearby. Also, use the dropdown box at the upper left corner to select which date ranges you want displayed on this page.

Your account history page offers another convenient transfer method: selecting the “Make a transfer link.” This will open a window where you can choose your source and destination accounts, enter an amount, and click “Transfer.” Upon completing all this information, click “Transfer” to finalize the process, and your transaction will be complete.

Covington Credit is an online lender offering personal loans, home equity loan refinancing, and auto refinancing, as well as business loans to consumers nationwide. Covington also provides debt relief solutions, including consolidation and counseling services and mobile app capability, so its benefits are readily accessible wherever customers may be located.

Covington Bank was established in 1886 and operates as a savings association supervised by the Office of Thrift Supervision. Their banking products include checking and savings accounts as well as safe deposit boxes and ATM cards; lending products include real estate loans, construction loans, signature loans, and home equity loans; they also offer mortgage payment and debt payoff calculators.