Bosch Hammer Demolition


Bosch demolition hammers offer powerful yet effortless tools for concrete chipping or rock-breaking applications, offering vibration control to reduce the impact on hands and back. Choose the best Demolition Contractor Mesa.

The 11321EVS SDS-max(r) Demolition Hammer offers the highest material removal rate within its class while remaining lightweight to provide excellent power-to-weight performance. Equipped with Vibration Control in both its chisel mechanism and grip area and Constant Response circuitry that offers smooth starts and overload protection, it boasts unrivaled material removal rates.

1. DH507 SDS-max(r) Demolition Hammer

Bosch demolition hammers and breakers are powerful tools designed to break apart concrete, block, brick, or masonry structures. Capable of producing thousands of blows per minute, these powerful devices are often employed when removing wall coatings or mounting items on concrete or masonry studs. Bosch breaker hammers offer features designed to provide users with a comfortable and safe work experience, such as Vibration Control in the hammer mechanism and grip area, Constant Response circuitry that maintains constant power under load with smooth starts, as well as overload protection. Other helpful features include Vario Lock positioning for rotating and locking chisels in 12 different positions; Auto-Max variable speed dial to match power to application – from 1,300 to 2,900 bpm; as well as some models having tool-free bit changes via their Hex-Style Chuck, plus Service Minder lights which alert users when maintenance needs to be done.

2. BH2770VCD Brute Turbo Breaker Hammer

The Bosch BH2770VCD Brute Turbo Breaker Hammer stands out as having one of the highest concrete removal rates for its class, making an impressive statement about a tool weighing only 63 pounds. Delivering 1,000 BPM and 43 ft-lb of impact energy, its impact energy is capable of heavy-duty applications such as outdoor asphalt work or foundation removal indoors or out. Equipped with its included Deluxe Cart, it becomes fully mobile, operating off any AC/DC source up to 15 A or even portable generator power sources with its Active Vibration Control feature, which helps further reduce vibration levels at their source – perfect for heavy-duty asphalt work or foundation removal outdoor asphalt work or foundation removal indoors/outside asphalt work/foundations removal projects outdoors or for indoor/outdoor pavement work/foundation removal!

These Bosch demolition hammers feature soft-start technology for smooth and safe startup, along with chisel guard protection to prevent the chuck from damage. Built to withstand harsh construction site conditions with shock-absorbing handles for comfortable extended use. Many models also come equipped with Service Minder(tm) indicators to alert you to perform regular maintenance checks; additionally, some offer dust management technology for cleaner work environments.

Bosch SDS-max(tm) chuck systems allow for quick chisel changes, and some are equipped with Vario-Lock positioning that rotates and locks it in 12 positions. In addition, these chuck systems feature a constant response circuitry to maintain power under load and overload protection to ensure reliable performance.

3. DH712VC SDS-max(r) Demolition Hammer

Bosch demolition hammers are durable tools designed for use in demanding applications. Their motors can withstand thousands of blows per minute (bpm), making these tools ideal for mounting items like electrical panels onto concrete or masonry studs. They can also help defrost frozen pipes that have been embedded within walls. These heavy-duty tools offer many features to improve performance and comfort, such as Active Vibration Control to minimize operator impact and a Service Minder(tm) light that informs of when maintenance is needed. Furthermore, Vario-Lock positioning enables rotation and locking in 12 positions for greater versatility; their weight varies between 12.4 lbs to 26 lbs, depending on which model you choose.

4. 11335K Jack Breaker Hammer

Bosch’s 11335K Jack Breaker Hammer delivers an industry-leading material removal rate with its 34 ft-lb impact force and 1750 watts of power, making it perfect for demolition projects on concrete or masonry. It features Active Vibration Control technology, such as longer air cushions in its mechanism to reduce vibration levels at their source effectively; additionally, this tool offers an exclusive shock-absorbing top handle, which reduces vibration by up to 40% for extra comfort during extended use periods.

This 13.0 amp tool operates on any 115/120V AC or DC outlet and does not require an air compressor, making it easy to transport into hard-to-reach applications. Featuring a convenient carrying case with wheels for complete mobility and featuring all-metal housing, tube, and case construction ensures superior job site durability. Furthermore, its two way tool retainer accepts standard 1-1/8″ hex tool lengths as well as air tool steel with retaining collar or Bosch internal locking combo steel tools with its Service Minder brushes shutting off automatically whenever it needs servicing to prevent overwear and ensure service Minder brushes will automatically shut off the tool before excessive wear occurs preventing excess wear to avoid unnecessary wear from occuring during use reducing unnecessary wear on its Service Minder brushes prevent extra wear from occuring over time and wear-out on a jobsite ensuring zero wear due to maintenance being overloaded or simply not being maintained when maintenance needs to avoid unnecessary wear-out on job sites where additional tools need maintenance is required and prevent any unnecessary wear-on from occurring due to wear-out collar or Bosch internal locking combo steel tool steel tool steel with retaining collar or BO Bosch internal locking combo steel being held on jobsite durability on job sites that require tool usage preventing unnecessary wear a jobsite durability of course! Plus, its Service Minder brushes automatically shut down upon becoming due for servicing so as to minimize unnecessary wear wear-outs!

Many Bosch demolition hammers feature SDS-Max(r) chucks for tool-free bit changes, and some models offer Vario-Lock positioning, which enables users to rotate and lock the chisel in 12 positions. Other features of note include Constant Response circuitry for consistent power under load, as well as overload protection that keeps it from overheating.