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Personal loans can be an ideal way to finance home improvement projects or cover unexpected expenses, but before applying, make sure the lender is legitimate and has an excellent track record.

Custom Choice student loans provide flexible options for paying off debt quickly. Their low rates and no fees – including a waiver for late payments – make these loans the ideal solution for many borrowers.

Student Loans

Custom Choice Loans is a private student lender offering loans at competitive interest rates for college students. Their programs accommodate undergraduates, graduates, and law students, as well as medical professionals, and they even provide repayment plans to ease the financial strain associated with student loan repayment. Students and parents who utilize this lender have found the application process quick and straightforward, while some individuals may even qualify without needing a cosigner; it all depends on your credit scores!

To apply for a loan, complete a short online application, select a repayment plan, and submit primary personal data about yourself, such as income, family size, and job status. Within minutes, you’ll see your pre-approval rate; once approved, you can sign your documents electronically and send the funds directly to your school.

This lender does not charge origination, prepayment, or late fees, and the loan terms are flexible – you can borrow up to your cost of attendance, less other aid, and defer repayment during its grace period. There’s also an option of fixed or variable-rate loans, and you can make interest-only payments while in school compared with other private student lenders that require you to meet income or credit score criteria to qualify.

When it comes to repaying student loans, making payments as often as possible and shopping around for loan options to find one with the lowest rate is essential. There are various strategies for paying off student debt, including working part-time or applying for scholarships and grants. Before considering private student loans with higher interest rates or fees, such as PLUS loans, exhaust all your federal student aid first. Subsidized and unsubsidized federal loans may be the more suitable choice since the government pays your interest while you study. If a private loan is the only choice available to you, look at our list of top student loan lenders for 2019 before making your final decision.

Personal Loans

When looking for a personal loan, the ideal lenders offer competitive rates and flexible terms at reasonable rates. They should be explicitly tailored to your credit profile and intended to cover short-term expenses that you cannot pay for otherwise. To find the ideal option, compare rates and terms from several lenders before making your choice; additionally, consider whether the lender provides repayment plans should you have trouble keeping up with payments.

Reputable lenders in your state should be licensed and registered as such, with customer service teams available to address inquiries or resolve any concerns. You should review their loan agreement to make sure all fees are clearly outlined while consulting a financial advisor to help drive informed choices.

Custom Choice Student Loan is a private student loan provider offering flexible repayment plans and competitive interest rates to its borrowers. Backed by Cognition Financial, its loans are suitable for undergraduate and graduate students attending school full-time or part-time, and customers can apply online to receive preapproval within minutes; additional features offered by this lender include an autopay discount of 0.1% per pay period as well as 2% graduation principal reduction.

Custom Choice provides more than loans; they also offer checking and savings accounts with low rates and fees, such as checking accounts that allow deposits of up to $10,000 monthly and savings funds that provide an APY of 2.44%, respectively. Unlike many banks, Custom Choice doesn’t charge monthly maintenance fees on either product.

Before applying for a private student loan from Custom Choice, all federal student loan options must be exhausted first. This may include filling out and submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which offers better terms and protections than private student loans. It would be best to compare various personal student loan offers before selecting the one most suited to your needs.

Business Loans

Business loans can provide short-term capital to meet any unexpected business expenses. They come in various forms – lump sum or lines of credit – and their terms usually range between three and five years. With Nav’s business loan comparison tool, it is easy to identify the optimal option for your unique circumstances by comparing features like interest rates, repayment terms, and collateral requirements – you can even narrow it down further according to the type of business operation, purpose for financing (equipment purchase/transportation costs or everyday operating expenses)!

Bank loans are the go-to solution for small businesses, yet they often have stringent eligibility criteria and slower turnaround times than alternative and micro-lending sources.

There are also lenders specializing in different forms of business financing, including real estate or medical practice loans. These lenders can provide fast funding so you can purchase property or equipment necessary for growing your business.

Peer-to-peer (P2P) business loans provide another viable option for small businesses. Backed by individual investors instead of financial institutions, P2P loans often have lower minimum credit score requirements, while processing can take longer due to waiting for investors to fund your loan application.

Other business loan options include equity-based financing, which involves exchanging part of your company’s value for funding. While this form of funding can be quickly and easily obtained, you should only consider this route if you possess an excellent personal credit score and a track record for profitability.

Some online lenders specialize in small business loans and can quickly approve you for one by using data from your accounting system to underwrite you for the loan. This underwriting method may prove more accurate than traditional methods and make qualifying for one easier if your credit history is poor. Before applying, be sure to review both your credit report and multiple lenders to compare terms and conditions before making a decision.

Home Loans

Home loans are a significant financial commitment, so selecting the appropriate mortgage lender is paramount to successful homeownership. Best Choice Home Loans has an expansive range of home loans including government-backed, interest-only, ITIN options as well as jumbo and renovation mortgages with one-day approval available through its website. Borrowers can shop custom rate quotes based on the loan amount, house value, and location information as well as their credit score range or zip code range and zip code location requirements; additionally, they must attend one of their THDA-approved counselors before completion of purchase.

This program is open to Tennessee residents with moderate incomes.