8 Apps With a Heart Icon


Apps featuring heart icon notifications can create community, connection, and positivity across various industries – whether for dating, health, or social media purposes. Here are eight such applications that increase user satisfaction and motivation.

Once tapped, tapping the dot-and-line icon would lead you to the More/Less tuner, allowing you to adjust Discover content by showing more or less of what you like. Now, when something piques your interest, it turns red!

2. Twitter

Twitter’s heart icon effectively informs friends that you have read and enjoyed their tweets; long-press them and tap the heart. You can even use it as an indicator that they may be the subject of your romantic interest if that is their purpose – unlike its more general red counterpart, which might not fit as easily for that.

This purple heart can express our sympathy, compassion, and love for those in need. This can be used as a gesture for someone close to us who may be undergoing cancer treatment or Alzheimer’s.

Although commonly called the ‘pink hearts,’ this icon doesn’t always appear pink across platforms. In our emoji dataset, it stands out by being one of only three hearts not covered in pink; its top n-gram count shows this. Furthermore, its appearance alongside money-related emojis may suggest it is frequently used to promote deals and discounts related to products or services.

While this emoji may look ordinary and potentially bridal (white!), its use is neutral. Ideal usages for it include supporting LGBTQ+ and feminist causes, captioning photos of decor that showcase its aesthetic beauty, or simply showing your appreciation to friends you may not already know as much about yet. Our data shows it most frequently appears alongside Broken Heart — probably because this heart doesn’t lend itself to showing affection towards strangers as effectively.

3. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio is an all-in-one digital radio platform offering free music streaming and personalized radio stations. Offering thousands of live and local AM and FM stations as well as custom channels tailored towards famous artists, genres, or stations, as well as news, sports, comedy talk radio, news podcasts, and much more; available on iOS devices, Android smartphones, computers smart TVs and automobiles iHeartRadio is genuinely accessible!

Established in 2008, iHeartRadio is owned and operated by the iHeartMedia concern and serves the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as many other countries around the globe. Compatible devices include Apple Watches, Google Glasses, and Amazon Alexa speakers.

iHeartRadio’s free app provides access to an extensive library of music and podcasts designed to suit every mood and activity, including workout playlists, road trip music playlists, and relaxing sessions. Plus, it’s the home of the iHeartRadio Music Awards, where fans can hear their favorite musicians perform live!

iHeartRadio goes beyond music streaming to offer other services, including event production and marketing. Their events include the iHeartRadio Country Festival, Music Awards, and Jingle Ball (KIIS-FM Jingle Ball). Furthermore, lifestyle events like Tour and Wango Tango are available as part of this offering.

iHeartRadio is ideal for families, providing content suitable to any age. However, it should be noted that the iHeartRadio Family app does not filter ads or user-generated content and could potentially expose children to adult material. Therefore, parents must discuss with children how to safely use the iHeartRadio app while teaching them how to evaluate its privacy policy and terms of service policies.

4. Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is an online dating platform that allows users to meet suitable partners by creating profiles and answering questions. Available as a web browser and app version, its use has amassed over 100 million registered members worldwide.

Plenty of Fish stands out from other dating apps by creating relationships between people with various interests and goals. Users create profiles and answer questions about their interests, values, and preferences before the app matches users with other profiles based on these criteria.

This app also enables users to craft personalized messages for potential matches and send them. With an intuitive design that’s simple to navigate and works on various devices, this dating service also features multiple filters to narrow search results further.

Users can access many helpful resources and guidance via an exclusive support page and email, making this feature particularly advantageous for those needing assistance with the application.

Plenty of Fish is a well-known dating website offering both free and paid membership options, with the latter boasting exclusive features designed to enhance their online dating experience, such as unlimited likes, read receipts, and up to 16 photos per profile. Paid members also benefit from data-driven feedback to enhance their profile and attract more matches.

Plenty of Fish stands apart from traditional dating apps by employing its Relationship Chemistry Predictor to measure five dimensions of personality that have been scientifically demonstrated as essential for meaningful relationships. This tool matches users with individuals who share similar traits and interests, leading to deeper, more fulfilling connections.

5. Huawei Health

Huawei Health is a fitness app designed for users of its smartwatches and bands from Huawei. It provides comprehensive statistics about your daily activity, such as step count, heart rate, and sleep quality. In addition, this app supports various workouts, including High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) strength training workouts and cloud synchronization so your data stays safe while tracking your progress.

Although the Huawei Wearable Tracker app can benefit anyone with one or more Huawei wearable devices, its frequent performance issues prevent it from fully syncing with the watches it is paired with, leading to inconsistent tracking data and rendering it hard to trust its accuracy. As a result, you may consider manually synching or switching apps.

Although Huawei Health isn’t available on the Google Play Store, its free-to-use app should still be considered by owners of compatible devices from this company. Huawei Health provides daily activity tracking, including steps, sleep, and mood. In addition, there is an array of exercises and a built-in personal trainer to help reach goals. Plus, it links up with your Google account for more excellent monitoring as well as sharing progress updates with family and friends – plus, its interface is user-friendly with pleasing aesthetics; additionally there are widgets included on home screens for easier monitoring!